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will santa get me a real job for christmas?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567619 16440 will santa get me a real job for christmas? Reply hazy, try again
5567618 29128 Will he call me very soon ? Yes - definitely
5567617 16440 Is Matt in love with me? It is decidedly so
5567616 29128 Will I talk to very soon ? Count on it
5567615 16440 do i look old? My reply is no
5567614 29128 Is he going to ring soonier then I think ? As I see it, yes
5567613 11250 t is so cool t my d m is my f It is decidedly so
5567612 16440 will i get fired for asking you so many questions? My sources say no
5567610 11250 is he my fan now My reply is no
5567609 16440 is gema a spy for beyonce because timmy stalks her? My reply is no
5567608 29128 Am I going to talk to my man before I go any where today ? Without a doubt
5567607 16440 am i the only one who works in this office? Cannot predict now
5567606 16440 did matt beat up AJ because he is better at his job? My sources say no
5567604 16440 is shirley really sick today? My reply is no
5567603 29128 Is he going to call this morning ? NO!
5567602 16440 Will Timmy find a wedding dress his size? Very doubtful
5567601 16440 is susan a wild woman in the bedroom? Count on it
5567600 16440 is susan a tiger? Outlook not so good
5567599 29128 Will he speak to Shannon before I go any where today ? Yes
5567598 16440 is timmy really a woman? Without a doubt
5567597 25945 Will i ask women in Chatrooms so what do you think of Patrick Olinger and would you do him when I become a movie star ? It is decidedly so
5567596 29128 Will I speak to my man Shannon today before I go out ? Better not tell you now
5567595 16440 will i get a bonus? Very doubtful
5567594 24958 Should I really go to happy hour Yes
5567593 16440 am i a hard worker? Cannot predict now
5567592 24958 Should I go to happy hour Yes - definitely
5567591 29128 Is he all good Yes
5567590 29128 Will my man Shannon cAll me this morning ? Very doubtful
5567589 29128 Am I going to talking to my man Shannon today ? As I see it, yes
5567588 16440 will my job ever get easier? It is decidedly so
5567587 26146 Is this place for real? Signs point to yes
5567586 12677 Do u know what u are on about Better not tell you now
5567585 16440 will i like the gift i get from my secret santa? Yes
5567584 29128 Am I going to talk to my man Shannon today ? Not in a million years
5567583 12677 Is my bf ben Without a doubt
5567582 12677 Is my bf darren My reply is no
5567581 12677 Is my bf tom My reply is no
5567580 12677 Is my bf alex Count on it
5567579 29128 Is my man Shannon going to call me this morning ? Cannot predict now
5567578 25614 Will Dad beat Michael Goldstein in Bejewled Blitz? Yes - definitely
5567577 12677 Should I follow my heart Not in a million years
5567576 12677 Am I being stupid asking u these things Outlook not so good
5567575 12677 Should I listen to u Most likely
5567574 25614 Will a shark eat my foot? Cannot predict now
5567573 12677 Will it be when he goes to oz Without a doubt
5567572 12677 Will me and Darren split up next year Yes
5567571 12677 Does Darren wanna be with someone else Most likely
5567570 12677 Does Darren want to be with someone else Reply hazy, try again
5567569 12677 Is Darren cheating As I see it, yes
5567568 12677 Am I being paranoid about everything NO!