the Magic

ds h r admire me alot

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567697 11250 ds h r admire me alot Ask again later
5567696 24554 Will Michael call me Without a doubt
5567695 25441 Wil a dream of me tonight As I see it, yes
5567694 31948 fdggfrfdfghedtgf As I see it, yes
5567693 24554 Will I move out my mom house Very doubtful
5567692 31948 we love you magic 8 ball? Cannot predict now
5567691 25441 Do I have other admirers at work Reply hazy, try again
5567690 14529 Tai tu juokauji taip? As I see it, yes
5567689 24554 Will I move out my mom house Ask again later
5567688 14529 Juokauji gal tu aš ir Matas Paškevičius? It is decidedly so
5567687 31948 we lkogbhjkhghhuj Yes - definitely
5567686 25441 Does he love marea Concentrate and ask again
5567685 14529 Juokauji turbūt? Reply hazy, try again
5567684 13460 who will I marry in the future Better not tell you now
5567683 31948 will i marry blake NO!
5567682 14529 Tikrai draugausiu su Matu? Yes - definitely
5567681 29916 Is my birthday on a Monday in 2012 Yes - definitely
5567680 31948 will cameron marry vallary? Yes
5567679 25441 Does a love me Signs point to yes
5567678 14529 Tai Matas? It is decidedly so
5567677 14529 Ar jis iš mano klasės? As I see it, yes
5567676 25441 Am I having a girl Ask again later
5567675 29916 did i born in january Very doubtful
5567674 14529 Tai gal Dominykas? Very doubtful
5567673 25441 Does he still have feelings for me Concentrate and ask again
5567672 29916 do i love joseph young Without a doubt
5567671 14529 Gal Dominykas? Reply hazy, try again
5567670 14529 Tai ne Martynas? It is certain
5567669 25441 Does he still want me My sources say no
5567668 14529 Ar tai Martynas Druteika? Cannot predict now
5567667 25441 Is a thinking of me right now It is decidedly so
5567666 14529 Ar aš tą žmogų žinau su kuriuo, aš turėčiau draugauti? It is certain
5567665 29916 does deijah knowles like josh Without a doubt
5567664 11250 ds h t im amazing My reply is no
5567663 29916 does deijah knowles like me Not in a million years
5567662 11250 c h h f in l w me in his t Outlook not so good
5567661 29916 Will i anthonio prince son of Shauna Smith marry deijah knowles Most likely
5567660 14529 Ar ilgai mes draugausime? Most likely
5567659 11250 h l me tho My reply is no
5567658 11250 hes in l w me My sources say no
5567657 14529 Ar ilgai mes draugausime? Reply hazy, try again
5567656 11250 did h check it all out Without a doubt
5567655 11250 ds h r l m Better not tell you now
5567654 14529 Ar kitais metais, tai yra 2013 jau turėsiu vaikiną? As I see it, yes
5567653 14529 Ar mėnesio bėgyje aš jau turėsiu vaikiną? As I see it, yes
5567652 30705 riki makey da baby monkey It is decidedly so
5567651 14529 Ar aš jau tuoj turėsiu vaikiną Yes - definitely
5567650 29916 does anthonio prince love deijah knowles Signs point to yes
5567649 29916 Will anthonio prince marry josh strong? Not in a million years
5567648 29916 will anthonio prince marry josh strong Ask again later