the Magic

h t im f s swet n t

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567740 11250 h t im f s swet n t Count on it
5567739 17827 will i have to whip angel so she will do better in school My sources say no
5567738 928 Did roger like my peanut brittle Reply hazy, try again
5567737 17827 will angel do better in school My reply is no
5567736 11250 hs sooo in l with me but it c n b It is decidedly so
5567735 928 Has roger thought of me this afternoon It is decidedly so
5567734 17827 will angel do better in up in school Ask again later
5567733 32285 Is he thinking about me Yes
5567731 23819 Will Canada ever get noticed in Hetalia As I see it, yes
5567729 25441 Is a frustrated like I am Most likely
5567728 29128 Will he call me before I go any where today ? Signs point to yes
5567727 32285 Will Tim,call me tonight As I see it, yes
5567726 25945 Will i become a Nightclub Owner ? Outlook not so good
5567725 29128 Will he call me by noon today ? NO!
5567724 29128 Will he call me before June next year ? Most likely
5567723 33590 Is my baby father Kendrick jealous of me Without a doubt
5567722 29128 Will he call me before 12 ? Ask again later
5567721 21432 Will I marry Michael Yes
5567720 29128 Will he be calling soonier then I think ? Better not tell you now
5567719 17086 Will my son get a girlfriend Yes - definitely
5567718 29128 Will I talk to him today ? Count on it
5567717 25441 Does he feel sorry for me NO!
5567716 25441 Does he see how busy I am As I see it, yes
5567715 25441 Is he mad at me Without a doubt
5567714 25441 Is a still nervous around me NO!
5567713 25441 Do I still make him nervous Outlook not so good
5567712 21918 Are we going to get the house Concentrate and ask again
5567711 30987 Am I pregnant My reply is no
5567710 25441 Does he have feelings got marea My sources say no
5567709 30987 Is my son dark skin Without a doubt
5567708 11250 h t im amazing My reply is no
5567707 25441 Does a still love me Not in a million years
5567706 8994 will i get into unc? My sources say no
5567705 30987 Is my son sleep As I see it, yes
5567704 11250 c h h mm It is certain
5567703 30987 Is my son sleep Reply hazy, try again
5567702 25441 Is a thinking about me now Ask again later
5567700 30987 Do my son love me Very doubtful
5567699 11250 i make him laugh 2 Count on it
5567698 25441 Am I having a girl Yes - definitely
5567697 11250 ds h r admire me alot Ask again later
5567696 24554 Will Michael call me Without a doubt
5567695 25441 Wil a dream of me tonight As I see it, yes
5567694 31948 fdggfrfdfghedtgf As I see it, yes
5567693 24554 Will I move out my mom house Very doubtful
5567692 31948 we love you magic 8 ball? Cannot predict now
5567691 25441 Do I have other admirers at work Reply hazy, try again
5567690 14529 Tai tu juokauji taip? As I see it, yes
5567689 24554 Will I move out my mom house Ask again later
5567688 14529 Juokauji gal tu aš ir Matas Paškevičius? It is decidedly so