the Magic

h t i b d 2

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567806 11250 h t i b d 2 It is certain
5567805 26330 Will I ever talk to Devin Mayfield in the future? Cannot predict now
5567801 8927 Is anyone else hitting it As I see it, yes
5567800 19393 will beto call me tonite My reply is no
5567799 5819 Is it going to be anytime in 2013 Very doubtful
5567798 13198 Can pollution cause rain? It is certain
5567797 13198 Can pollution cause rain? Reply hazy, try again
5567796 11250 i d him c Count on it
5567795 7997 By Valentine day My reply is no
5567794 11250 ds h want 2 b m m Ask again later
5567793 11250 ds h w 2 b m m Not in a million years
5567792 7997 By Valentines day Concentrate and ask again
5567791 11250 hs a r in l w me b h c d a about it Signs point to yes
5567790 11250 im the 1st o g h ever f in l w n he n t h w f in l w a else. But he c d a about it My reply is no
5567789 11250 h sd t cz u d us mad Most likely
5567788 26407 will we become a couple? It is decidedly so
5567787 26407 will he ask me on a date? Yes - definitely
5567786 19826 Should I? It is decidedly so
5567784 26407 will he contact this month? Signs point to yes
5567783 26407 will he contact? As I see it, yes
5567781 6279 what does mike want for christmas Signs point to yes
5567780 12246 With me? Yes - definitely
5567779 12246 Will Hector ever settle down? It is decidedly so
5567778 24 Does he like me? Without a doubt
5567777 24 Will he text me tonight? Not in a million years
5567776 11250 hs l w h u b all m l Yes - definitely
5567773 11250 i m h f y again n t w h l m s m Reply hazy, try again
5567772 21915 will i spend christmas day 2012 with a man Outlook not so good
5567771 10943 Should I go for a run? It is decidedly so
5567770 16487 does he know i love him?... Very doubtful
5567769 16487 does he think of me?. Reply hazy, try again
5567767 11250 is he s h c f in l w me Most likely
5567766 21915 well i spend christmas 2012 with a male Better not tell you now
5567765 23079 am i going toget a exbox360 Better not tell you now
5567764 21915 will i spend christmas 2012 alone Not in a million years
5567763 16487 will we be together again soon?. It is certain
5567762 21915 will siggy come over during 2012 Cannot predict now
5567761 23079 will i be able to get a christmas gift that i want so bad the phone that is in my dreams Count on it
5567760 16487 will he contact me again?. It is decidedly so
5567757 32285 Will he ask me to be his wife Count on it
5567755 13959 Should I email him? Better not tell you now
5567754 32285 Will he ask me to marry him My reply is no
5567753 13959 Should I reach out to by email Reply hazy, try again
5567752 11250 ds pm t im amazing Signs point to yes
5567751 32285 Do he want me to be his wife Yes - definitely
5567750 11250 hs l shes amazing Outlook not so good
5567749 25945 Will Moon Unit Zappa only sleep with me ? Outlook not so good
5567748 13959 Is a thinking of me right now? Count on it
5567747 32285 Do he want me to be his wife Reply hazy, try again
5567746 13959 Are my emotions getting the best of me? Cannot predict now