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Does terry have feelings for me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567905 28399 Does terry have feelings for me As I see it, yes
5567904 28399 Will terry fall in love with me Ask again later
5567902 28399 Will terry and I get back together My reply is no
5567901 28399 Is terry thinking about me Without a doubt
5567896 3059 I don't believe you Yes
5567895 3059 Will I get a job in the US? My reply is no
5567894 19287 I love her! Ask again later
5567893 19287 She will be mine at the end right? Yes - definitely
5567892 3059 Will I get a job in Japan? My sources say no
5567891 19287 Will she mean it? Cannot predict now
5567890 19287 Will she say always and forever? Yes
5567889 3059 will I earn 50,000 pesos next week? It is decidedly so
5567888 19287 Is it a good idea to tell her how I feel agaib? Cannot predict now
5567887 19287 Will we talk in the next two hours? Yes - definitely
5567886 11250 w 2 r w me It is decidedly so
5567885 19287 Does she have any actual feelings for me? Better not tell you now
5567884 3059 will I have 100,000 pesos next week? Very doubtful
5567883 19287 Does she have feelings for me? Concentrate and ask again
5567882 19287 Does she have strong feelings for me? My reply is no
5567881 11250 h w l 2 r with m As I see it, yes
5567880 19287 Do I love her? It is certain
5567877 19287 Will she be mine? Outlook not so good
5567876 11250 is pm in l w me s Concentrate and ask again
5567874 11250 pm t i am ddg Outlook not so good
5567873 22494 Are you sure about that Reply hazy, try again
5567872 11250 h t im drdg Concentrate and ask again
5567870 3059 will aki buy me an iphone5 next week? Count on it
5567867 20026 Does my cousin there know Cannot predict now
5567866 32228 Should I go snowboarding tomorrow Cannot predict now
5567863 32228 should I go snowboarding tomorrow? Outlook not so good
5567861 11250 ds h h t d 2 d w m NO!
5567859 11250 ds h w h was y s h c h d w m Reply hazy, try again
5567858 6781 Is cassandra seeing another guy in modesto Most likely
5567857 11250 is he a in l w me Outlook not so good
5567856 11250 b h still l me Most likely
5567855 11250 h t i was a d b4 Yes - definitely
5567854 22531 Tell me My reply is no
5567853 9972 Do I have job security? Very doubtful
5567852 9078 is ross lynch's boner more than 7 inches? Signs point to yes
5567851 8626 Is Mikiayh nati Washington thinking about Knocalon danuwa graham right now It is decidedly so
5567850 11250 am i js a dream 2 h Cannot predict now
5567847 9972 Does Mary like me? Reply hazy, try again
5567846 9972 Will I get a bonus by the end of 2012? Ask again later
5567845 21656 Will I ever get married again? Yes
5567844 11202 Is Kabine coming next weekend? Not in a million years
5567842 26407 Is it me he wants? My sources say no
5567841 11202 Will Kabine and I get back together next weekend? It is decidedly so
5567840 33580 Will I have a job for most of 2013? Yes - definitely
5567839 26407 Does he love me? It is certain
5567838 11202 Will Kabine and I get back together? Yes