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Is she out right now

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567972 7968 Is she out right now NO!
5567971 16152 Does she usually spend during the week with Ella? Very doubtful
5567970 16152 Do they go out on alot of dates? Ask again later
5567969 26407 is he meeting with her after the gig? It is decidedly so
5567968 23049 will i get a girlfriend this year It is decidedly so
5567967 16152 Do her and Sam hold Sunday dinners frequently? My reply is no
5567966 20859 With her ex husband Without a doubt
5567965 30991 Does she really like me Concentrate and ask again
5567964 16152 Wll they end up breaking up at some point? Reply hazy, try again
5567963 16152 Is their relationship getting rocky? Count on it
5567961 20018 Does Jessica Ann Kopchik think I am interesting? Better not tell you now
5567960 19479 Tell m Signs point to yes
5567959 16152 Is their relationship getting weaker? Reply hazy, try again
5567958 16152 Will Traci and Sam fight tonight? Yes
5567957 30991 Has ashley daydreamed about me naked Most likely
5567955 16152 Will Traci adn Sam fight tonight? Reply hazy, try again
5567954 20018 Does Jessica Bullis like me? Most likely
5567953 28399 Will me and terry get back together Without a doubt
5567951 22523 does Tom still think about me? Ask again later
5567950 28399 Does terry think more of me than a friend NO!
5567949 22523 have I ever been in love? Reply hazy, try again
5567948 20018 Does Jessica Ann Kopchik still look at me? Signs point to yes
5567946 22523 was I in love with Joel? Very doubtful
5567944 22523 will I fall in love in 2013 Count on it
5567943 28399 Is terry in love with me My reply is no
5567942 32021 Did ashley think about me today Reply hazy, try again
5567940 9972 Should I buy a car in Dec 2012? As I see it, yes
5567939 28399 Am I in love with terry Yes
5567937 11250 in t d h w of asked me 2 dance Ask again later
5567936 28399 Will terry call me this weekend Better not tell you now
5567934 7968 Should I call My sources say no
5567933 28399 Will he call me this weekend NO!
5567932 7968 Will she ring It is certain
5567931 28399 Will terry ask me out for new years Without a doubt
5567930 28399 Will terry ask me out for new years Better not tell you now
5567929 7968 Is she thinking about me NO!
5567928 11250 is h in l w me Count on it
5567927 34902 will i become an actor As I see it, yes
5567926 9972 Should we serve Italian for our x mas party? Not in a million years
5567925 11250 h knows we c h b if we were in the same decade NO!
5567923 9972 Should we serve barbecue for our party? My reply is no
5567922 34902 will bayley say yes if i ask her out Yes
5567921 28399 Will terry fall in love with me Concentrate and ask again
5567920 11250 s hs d in l w m Reply hazy, try again
5567919 11250 ds h w 2 b m m Yes
5567918 11250 is h s in l w m Outlook not so good
5567917 28399 Will terry ask me to go with him Very doubtful
5567916 31961 Will he repay loan in 3 days Yes
5567915 11579 Am I pregnant? Without a doubt
5567914 31961 Will he repay loan in 3 days Ask again later