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will i join elp

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568004 18003 will i join elp Concentrate and ask again
5568003 18003 will i move to mumbai Yes
5568002 18003 will i join ascent capital Signs point to yes
5568001 18003 will i join almt Without a doubt
5568000 8927 Does she want to be with him Very doubtful
5567999 23269 Is jermaine coming home tonight Reply hazy, try again
5567998 18003 will i join wadia ghandy Very doubtful
5567997 18003 will i join a law firm in bangalore Cannot predict now
5567996 18003 will i get the best food deal Very doubtful
5567995 18003 will i marry vj Signs point to yes
5567994 13345 Is this the weekend i have waited for?? My reply is no
5567993 32021 Would she go to lunch if I asked her to Not in a million years
5567992 16346 Tell me NO!
5567991 14787 Tell me Reply hazy, try again
5567990 22531 So she's playing me Cannot predict now
5567989 30991 Does ashley like my smile My sources say no
5567988 16152 Will they get to where they keep in touch and talk about their lives? Most likely
5567987 26056 Does ashley think about me ever Concentrate and ask again
5567986 16152 Will she end up getting a little closer to D again? Yes - definitely
5567985 16152 Will she end up talking to Dalton again? Most likely
5567984 16152 Will Traci want to be friends with Dalton again? My sources say no
5567983 16152 Will they end up getting divorced? Yes - definitely
5567982 26056 Do I have a cute smile It is certain
5567981 16152 Will they be happy together? Outlook not so good
5567980 16152 Will Traci and Sam end up getting married to each other? Count on it
5567979 16152 Will they end up getting married to each other? Concentrate and ask again
5567977 16152 Will her and Sam end up breaking up at some point? Most likely
5567976 16152 Is she going to get Ella back? As I see it, yes
5567975 16152 Does hse just have visitation? Yes
5567974 16152 Do her parents have custondy of Ella now? Signs point to yes
5567973 26407 is he staying round hers? Cannot predict now
5567972 7968 Is she out right now NO!
5567971 16152 Does she usually spend during the week with Ella? Very doubtful
5567970 16152 Do they go out on alot of dates? Ask again later
5567969 26407 is he meeting with her after the gig? It is decidedly so
5567968 23049 will i get a girlfriend this year It is decidedly so
5567967 16152 Do her and Sam hold Sunday dinners frequently? My reply is no
5567966 20859 With her ex husband Without a doubt
5567965 30991 Does she really like me Concentrate and ask again
5567964 16152 Wll they end up breaking up at some point? Reply hazy, try again
5567963 16152 Is their relationship getting rocky? Count on it
5567961 20018 Does Jessica Ann Kopchik think I am interesting? Better not tell you now
5567960 19479 Tell m Signs point to yes
5567959 16152 Is their relationship getting weaker? Reply hazy, try again
5567958 16152 Will Traci and Sam fight tonight? Yes
5567957 30991 Has ashley daydreamed about me naked Most likely
5567955 16152 Will Traci adn Sam fight tonight? Reply hazy, try again
5567954 20018 Does Jessica Bullis like me? Most likely
5567953 28399 Will me and terry get back together Without a doubt
5567951 22523 does Tom still think about me? Ask again later