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Did i get above 230 on the psat?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568095 26690 Did i get above 230 on the psat? My reply is no
5568094 31602 Am I going to live in the west next year My sources say no
5568093 31602 Do I have a love of my life Yes
5568092 31602 Have I met the love of my life Not in a million years
5568091 31602 Will I go to Las Vegas It is certain
5568090 31602 Will I go to Las Vegas next year Not in a million years
5568089 31602 Will I play at the wsop main event Concentrate and ask again
5568087 31602 Will I win a big poker tournament Yes
5568086 21195 shoud I ask keayna out ? Yes - definitely
5568085 31602 Will I have a goods xmas Most likely
5568084 31602 Is the creek ok Outlook not so good
5568081 31602 Will I work at the same employee next year Yes - definitely
5568080 22198 So should I go for Parker instead? NO!
5568079 16152 Will she immediatley text me? Count on it
5568078 31602 Will I get married to angela Count on it
5568077 16152 Will they talk about that tonight at Joe's party? Signs point to yes
5568076 22198 So should I go for Parker instead? Ask again later
5568075 16152 Will she believe me if I deny it? NO!
5568074 22198 So should I go for Parker instead? Concentrate and ask again
5568073 16152 Will she say something to me about that? It is decidedly so
5568072 31602 Will I buy a house in 2013 As I see it, yes
5568070 16152 Will he ever tell her about the texts that she supposedly sent? It is certain
5568069 22198 So should I go for Parker instead? Reply hazy, try again
5568068 16152 Did her tell her he got texts from me? My reply is no
5568067 22198 Should I wait for Tyler? Not in a million years
5568065 31602 Will I get married in 2013 Concentrate and ask again
5568063 31602 Will I move out in 2013 My reply is no
5568062 22198 Will Tyler ever want to date me? As I see it, yes
5568059 22198 Does Tyler like me still? It is certain
5568058 22198 Does Parker like me? Count on it
5568054 25945 Will i host the avn awards ? My reply is no
5568053 11250 he did cz h s s n i It is decidedly so
5568051 11250 h r fell in l w me Ask again later
5568045 5820 Will I become a CPA? Without a doubt
5568044 30991 Do woman think I'm atractive Cannot predict now
5568043 11250 hs c 2 h bc hs in l w me Signs point to yes
5568041 11250 d h n n hs c 2 h My sources say no
5568039 11250 dd he j off Not in a million years
5568038 26407 is he with olivia right now? My sources say no
5568036 11250 hs t her yt h c h h n hs crying Cannot predict now
5568035 8973 Does Cassandra love sam It is decidedly so
5568034 26407 did he meet with olivia? Reply hazy, try again
5568033 482 should i have been 6foot 8inches tall me Paul deniro Jackson My sources say no
5568032 26407 is he staying round olivia's? It is decidedly so
5568031 11250 h j off n hs t h cz h f h My reply is no
5568030 26407 is he with olivia? Count on it
5568029 21089 will I get at least 50 points in my calculus exam As I see it, yes
5568028 29167 Should i stay with Cassandra jl My reply is no
5568027 26868 Am I pregnant? It is certain
5568026 21089 does he love me As I see it, yes