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is my dog good

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568270 13243 is my dog good Yes
5568269 8489 Is adam ok Count on it
5568268 21230 Will Erin get a great job offer from Applied Systems in Illinois? It is decidedly so
5568266 21230 Will Erin get the job with Applied Systems in Illinois? As I see it, yes
5568265 13243 is my dog good Ask again later
5568263 13243 are you good My reply is no
5568260 14080 Do Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin love each other? Better not tell you now
5568259 13243 is joey good Not in a million years
5568255 13243 am i good Yes
5568252 13243 m i good Better not tell you now
5568250 5723 are you telling the truth It is certain
5568245 6296 Has Jose gotten hotter since the last time I saw him? Yes
5568243 25945 Will I join XXX <***>.com ? Yes
5568241 5723 will emily go out with me? Very doubtful
5568233 20788 Will.we have a future Very doubtful
5568232 20788 Is he happy My sources say no
5568231 20788 Will he come back to me Count on it
5568230 20788 Is there someone else As I see it, yes
5568229 20788 Is there someone else Ask again later
5568228 20788 Is it over Very doubtful
5568227 348 is it hopeless? Count on it
5568226 20788 Did he ever love me Cannot predict now
5568225 2816 will C have a sister? Ask again later
5568224 2816 will Connor have a baby brother? Concentrate and ask again
5568223 20788 Will I ever hear from him again Cannot predict now
5568222 2816 will connor have a baby sister? My reply is no
5568221 23942 do i have scars on my wrist? Without a doubt
5568220 20788 Will I ever hear from him again Reply hazy, try again
5568219 16152 Will that break Traco's heart? Count on it
5568218 23942 does daniel miller like me as more than a friend? As I see it, yes
5568217 16152 ill Sam end up getting back with Jessie so he can be with Logan? Yes
5568216 5749 Will i get a job offer next week? Yes - definitely
5568215 23942 Does Angel Munoz like me as more than a friend? It is decidedly so
5568214 16152 Will Sam end up trying to get Logan? My reply is no
5568213 2816 will i have a baby in 9 months? Signs point to yes
5568212 20788 Will I ever hear from him again Reply hazy, try again
5568211 16152 Will Traci and Sam end up having a kid? NO!
5568210 2816 Am I pregnant? It is decidedly so
5568209 20788 Am I idiot My reply is no
5568208 961 Will Shannon go out with me? Count on it
5568207 20788 Does he still care Signs point to yes
5568206 20788 Does he stood care about me Concentrate and ask again
5568205 20788 Is he thinking about me too It is decidedly so
5568204 16152 Does Traci know Im a girl? Cannot predict now
5568203 16152 Is Erica a boy? Without a doubt
5568202 16152 Will they do like last time date awhile then break up? My sources say no
5568201 16152 Wil they always be in lvoe nad get married? As I see it, yes
5568200 11068 does the sp. teacher like me? Signs point to yes
5568199 862 Will I get married in 2013 As I see it, yes
5568198 16152 Will they always be in lvoe and get married? Reply hazy, try again