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Is Eric my soulmate?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568441 23435 Is Eric my soulmate? Reply hazy, try again
5568440 19708 does bobby like to lie to me? Very doubtful
5568439 19708 should i leave bobby alone? Count on it
5568438 19708 is bobby going to be asking me back out? Not in a million years
5568437 6443 will tuquila cathcart and i fall in love and spend the rest of our lives together? It is certain
5568436 25568 Is rp crazy Without a doubt
5568435 22706 Will I pass my test tomorrow It is decidedly so
5568434 22598 Is he worth it My reply is no
5568433 22598 Is he worth it? Yes - definitely
5568432 25568 Is rp a downer Yes - definitely
5568431 34119 Do i have a job Outlook not so good
5568430 34119 Am i ugly Count on it
5568428 34119 Is manda going to have a baby It is decidedly so
5568427 34119 Am i in chris mind Not in a million years
5568424 34119 Did chris smell my purfume tonite Concentrate and ask again
5568423 19708 is bobby going to ask me back out? Better not tell you now
5568422 19708 does bobby want me back? Yes - definitely
5568418 19241 Am i pregnant As I see it, yes
5568412 33018 is Jasmin Turner from my job going to have kids by me for sure. Ask again later
5568411 25945 Will Charlie Sheen become my Bestfriend ? Yes - definitely
5568409 25945 Will Joey Lawrence become my Bestfriend ? NO!
5568408 25945 Will i have Male Celebrity Friends ? Count on it
5568407 25945 Will i only hang out with women when I become a movie star ? My reply is no
5568405 13123 Will I ever meet Ross lynch It is decidedly so
5568403 13123 Will I ever meet Ross lynch? Reply hazy, try again
5568400 29678 Is Allison cheating on me? Very doubtful
5568398 29678 Is Allison cheating on me Outlook not so good
5568397 29678 Does Allison want another baby? It is decidedly so
5568393 29678 Is Allison being faithful to me? Signs point to yes
5568391 28903 why am i listening to you Most likely
5568390 21 Is the client pleased with my work Most likely
5568389 28903 will i do good in my surgery and be okay Count on it
5568388 2285 Does my lover love me? Signs point to yes
5568386 28903 will i marry harry styles Signs point to yes
5568385 2285 Does my wife love me? My reply is no
5568382 33018 is Jasmin Turner from my job going to be my Girlfriend for sure. Yes
5568380 30050 Will I get a true positive pregnancy test tomorrow morning? Better not tell you now
5568377 25049 Does katelyn have the clap My reply is no
5568370 5723 does wants to be with me Without a doubt
5568368 5723 does she believe that i have a girlfriend Yes - definitely
5568364 11250 hs l t b an a b 2 f Ask again later
5568363 27241 Is chris thinking about me NO!
5568361 27241 Was chris waching me today Very doubtful
5568360 11250 ds he w it Without a doubt
5568357 11250 did h see h t i am My sources say no
5568356 11250 is h at all in l NO!
5568353 11250 ds h t im a godess My reply is no
5568352 1126 will danielle shunk and Ty Countryman date It is decidedly so
5568351 11250 he seen all my likes Not in a million years
5568349 11250 hs in l w me Better not tell you now