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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568480 27458 Did AW like the reply? Reply hazy, try again
5568479 11768 Should I sneak out? Reply hazy, try again
5568478 27458 Guilt? Ask again later
5568477 27458 Is it going to happen again? Outlook not so good
5568476 27458 did he enjoy himself last night? Concentrate and ask again
5568475 27458 did he enjoy himself last night? Reply hazy, try again
5568474 27458 did he enjoy himself this morning? Without a doubt
5568473 11768 Is it a bad idea to sneak out ? NO!
5568472 11768 Is something gonna happen to me if I do sneak out? Signs point to yes
5568471 11768 Am I gonna get caught If I sneak out? Ask again later
5568470 11768 Should I be scared right know? Reply hazy, try again
5568469 11768 Does Anthony really like me? It is decidedly so
5568468 11768 Is it a bad idea to sneak out tonight? Ask again later
5568467 11768 Should I tell my parents I love them? As I see it, yes
5568466 11768 Should I sneak out tonight? NO!
5568465 25320 Are you using inverse psy? Yes
5568464 25320 Sure? Signs point to yes
5568463 25320 Will we have to pay them? Signs point to yes
5568462 25320 Will they lo ok for us?? Signs point to yes
5568461 22656 Will I become a diver? It is decidedly so
5568460 22656 Will I become a fighter pilot? Better not tell you now
5568459 22656 Will I become a medical doctor? Ask again later
5568458 22656 Will I become a CPA? NO!
5568457 25966 Does my husband love me? Without a doubt
5568456 25966 Does my husband cheat on me? Without a doubt
5568455 5048 Will we be able to get my daughter her phone for chistmAs? Outlook not so good
5568454 26295 Will I get the internet before 10:30 yoday My reply is no
5568453 19708 am i going to take bobby back? Better not tell you now
5568452 13014 What does mike want for Christmas Most likely
5568451 19708 is bobby talking bad bout me? As I see it, yes
5568450 34919 will tommoro be ok? Not in a million years
5568449 34919 will this end well for me ? Ask again later
5568447 18771 did i hurt his feelings? Very doubtful
5568446 12472 Does Sandi dislike Deidre? Yes
5568445 12472 WIll Sandi answer me about Deidre? Yes - definitely
5568444 19059 Will I win a new car this year? It is certain
5568442 23435 Is Eric my soulmate Most likely
5568441 23435 Is Eric my soulmate? Reply hazy, try again
5568440 19708 does bobby like to lie to me? Very doubtful
5568439 19708 should i leave bobby alone? Count on it
5568438 19708 is bobby going to be asking me back out? Not in a million years
5568437 6443 will tuquila cathcart and i fall in love and spend the rest of our lives together? It is certain
5568436 25568 Is rp crazy Without a doubt
5568435 22706 Will I pass my test tomorrow It is decidedly so
5568434 22598 Is he worth it My reply is no
5568433 22598 Is he worth it? Yes - definitely
5568432 25568 Is rp a downer Yes - definitely
5568431 34119 Do i have a job Outlook not so good
5568430 34119 Am i ugly Count on it
5568428 34119 Is manda going to have a baby It is decidedly so