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Will nick date me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568506 22513 Will nick date me Signs point to yes
5568505 29758 Does Darren's family know he likes me Cannot predict now
5568504 22513 Does nick like me Yes - definitely
5568503 22513 Will nick invite me to his place My sources say no
5568502 22513 Will we go out tonight Very doubtful
5568501 27458 Strong ones? My reply is no
5568500 22513 Will nick call me tonight It is certain
5568499 11768 Will I be poor? Most likely
5568498 27458 Feelings for me? Yes
5568497 11768 Will I be rich? As I see it, yes
5568496 22513 Wii nick call me tonight NO!
5568495 27458 Have feelings for me? Reply hazy, try again
5568494 11768 Will I be happy? Yes
5568493 22513 Will he call me tonight Count on it
5568492 27458 How about beautiful? It is certain
5568491 4451 Yes or no Without a doubt
5568490 27458 Well, at least cute? Not in a million years
5568489 27458 Does he think I'm pretty? My reply is no
5568488 4451 Will stacys dad be ok tonight Count on it
5568487 27458 Does he think I'm pretty? Better not tell you now
5568486 27458 Too flirty? My reply is no
5568485 11768 Do I have a chance with my crush? Very doubtful
5568484 27458 To flirty? Ask again later
5568483 27458 Too flirty? Concentrate and ask again
5568482 27458 Did AW like the reply? My reply is no
5568481 11768 Will I get married? Concentrate and ask again
5568480 27458 Did AW like the reply? Reply hazy, try again
5568479 11768 Should I sneak out? Reply hazy, try again
5568478 27458 Guilt? Ask again later
5568477 27458 Is it going to happen again? Outlook not so good
5568476 27458 did he enjoy himself last night? Concentrate and ask again
5568475 27458 did he enjoy himself last night? Reply hazy, try again
5568474 27458 did he enjoy himself this morning? Without a doubt
5568473 11768 Is it a bad idea to sneak out ? NO!
5568472 11768 Is something gonna happen to me if I do sneak out? Signs point to yes
5568471 11768 Am I gonna get caught If I sneak out? Ask again later
5568470 11768 Should I be scared right know? Reply hazy, try again
5568469 11768 Does Anthony really like me? It is decidedly so
5568468 11768 Is it a bad idea to sneak out tonight? Ask again later
5568467 11768 Should I tell my parents I love them? As I see it, yes
5568466 11768 Should I sneak out tonight? NO!
5568465 25320 Are you using inverse psy? Yes
5568464 25320 Sure? Signs point to yes
5568463 25320 Will we have to pay them? Signs point to yes
5568462 25320 Will they lo ok for us?? Signs point to yes
5568461 22656 Will I become a diver? It is decidedly so
5568460 22656 Will I become a fighter pilot? Better not tell you now
5568459 22656 Will I become a medical doctor? Ask again later
5568458 22656 Will I become a CPA? NO!
5568457 25966 Does my husband love me? Without a doubt