the Magic

within the next 10 years

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568571 25774 within the next 10 years It is decidedly so
5568569 12472 Does Snad ithink iam brilliant? My reply is no
5568568 25774 within the next 5 years Better not tell you now
5568567 12472 DOes Sandi know I am a sweetheart? My sources say no
5568566 12472 Does Snadi still love me? Yes
5568565 12472 Does Sandi now love Elli? My sources say no
5568564 25774 Will I be able to adopt Signs point to yes
5568563 12472 DOes Sandi now dislike me? Not in a million years
5568562 12472 Did Snadi ever love me? Most likely
5568561 16375 is bobby going ask me back out tomorrow? Reply hazy, try again
5568559 16375 is bobby going to ask me back out soon? Yes - definitely
5568558 12472 Is Sandi B a rotten person? Yes - definitely
5568557 12472 Is Snadi B a bad person? Better not tell you now
5568556 16375 is bobby going ask me back out? Yes - definitely
5568555 12472 Is Deidre Newton a good person? Most likely
5568554 16375 does bobby want me back? Reply hazy, try again
5568553 761 What is 2 plus 2? It is decidedly so
5568552 761 Will Brian make any sense at staff meeting? Most likely
5568551 23296 dsytchgf Without a doubt
5568550 23296 hdbrifmghds Ask again later
5568549 23296 lojug c It is certain
5568547 23296 lolololol Not in a million years
5568546 12614 Will I survive this? Outlook not so good
5568545 29758 Do I love him My reply is no
5568544 29758 Is Darren the one My sources say no
5568543 13752 M i doing wrong with my boyfriend? Concentrate and ask again
5568542 29758 Will I marry Darren My sources say no
5568541 19638 Will my wife cheat on me? Outlook not so good
5568540 29758 Does Danielle know It is decidedly so
5568539 19638 Has my wife cheated on me? My reply is no
5568538 13752 M i gonna get good marks? My reply is no
5568537 19638 Does my wife like another man? Yes
5568536 29758 Does Darren's sister know My reply is no
5568535 19638 Can my marriage be saved? NO!
5568534 29758 Does Darren's father know he likes me As I see it, yes
5568533 19638 Is there anything I can do to stop it? My sources say no
5568532 29758 Does Darren dad know Reply hazy, try again
5568531 13752 Will my exam result be good? Not in a million years
5568530 29758 Does Darren family have a feeling he may like me Reply hazy, try again
5568529 27458 Is that why he wouldn't see me? Cannot predict now
5568528 19638 Is my wife going to divorce me? Most likely
5568527 27458 Happily married? My reply is no
5568526 19638 Is my wife going to fall back in love with me? Better not tell you now
5568525 27458 Happily married? Better not tell you now
5568524 27458 Would he see us? Very doubtful
5568523 35402 Will I have a Boyfriend by my 19th Birthday Cannot predict now
5568522 27458 Would he see me? My reply is no
5568521 29758 Does Darren's family have a feelIng he may like me Reply hazy, try again
5568520 27458 Would he see me? Reply hazy, try again
5568519 27458 A lot of a crush? Count on it