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Does Snad iwnat me to find another woman and leave her alone?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568611 12472 Does Snad iwnat me to find another woman and leave her alone? Yes
5568609 12472 does sandi feel both love and hate for me now? As I see it, yes
5568607 14336 will Shpresa Gashi be my wife? Yes - definitely
5568606 12472 does snadi both like me and hate me too? NO!
5568605 12472 Does Snad istill like me? Cannot predict now
5568604 12472 Didn't Snad itese me? Better not tell you now
5568603 12472 Does Snadi see me as a clit tease? Count on it
5568602 26493 is bobby jealous that im talking to rc? Reply hazy, try again
5568601 25774 Soon? Outlook not so good
5568600 25774 Will god answer my prayers and welcome my neighbor's dog into heaven? Count on it
5568597 25774 Will we go off the fiscal cliff? Ask again later
5568595 18771 did that message make him want to end things with her even more? Count on it
5568593 12472 Did Snadi take a cold showere on ed say after ileft her house? Cannot predict now
5568592 18771 will he never break up with her now? My sources say no
5568591 25774 Will I suffer from the same issues my Grandma has? It is decidedly so
5568588 12472 Have I teased Sandi? Signs point to yes
5568587 12472 Does Snad ithink I am a big tease? Ask again later
5568586 25774 Will my grandma continue to use her walker? Count on it
5568585 12472 Is Snadi upset wit hme? My reply is no
5568584 12472 Does Snadi think I am the biggest tease she ever met? Concentrate and ask again
5568583 12472 Does Sndi still thnk I am bi? Most likely
5568582 7600 Was he talking about me? Yes - definitely
5568579 25774 house by the river? It is decidedly so
5568577 12472 Would Snadi stick something in my ass too? Concentrate and ask again
5568576 12472 WOuld Snadi stick a cucumber inside me? Yes - definitely
5568571 25774 within the next 10 years It is decidedly so
5568569 12472 Does Snad ithink iam brilliant? My reply is no
5568568 25774 within the next 5 years Better not tell you now
5568567 12472 DOes Sandi know I am a sweetheart? My sources say no
5568566 12472 Does Snadi still love me? Yes
5568565 12472 Does Sandi now love Elli? My sources say no
5568564 25774 Will I be able to adopt Signs point to yes
5568563 12472 DOes Sandi now dislike me? Not in a million years
5568562 12472 Did Snadi ever love me? Most likely
5568561 16375 is bobby going ask me back out tomorrow? Reply hazy, try again
5568559 16375 is bobby going to ask me back out soon? Yes - definitely
5568558 12472 Is Sandi B a rotten person? Yes - definitely
5568557 12472 Is Snadi B a bad person? Better not tell you now
5568556 16375 is bobby going ask me back out? Yes - definitely
5568555 12472 Is Deidre Newton a good person? Most likely
5568554 16375 does bobby want me back? Reply hazy, try again
5568553 761 What is 2 plus 2? It is decidedly so
5568552 761 Will Brian make any sense at staff meeting? Most likely
5568551 23296 dsytchgf Without a doubt
5568550 23296 hdbrifmghds Ask again later
5568549 23296 lojug c It is certain
5568547 23296 lolololol Not in a million years
5568546 12614 Will I survive this? Outlook not so good
5568545 29758 Do I love him My reply is no
5568544 29758 Is Darren the one My sources say no