the Magic

Does Sandi intend to keep ignoring me?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568664 12472 Does Sandi intend to keep ignoring me? Signs point to yes
5568663 1758 Does sean like rylie more than me Ask again later
5568662 12472 Would Snadi lick my nipples? Signs point to yes
5568661 25774 Will she need a 3rd surgery on her legs? Better not tell you now
5568660 12472 would snad i spank me? NO!
5568659 1758 Does sean love rylie more than me Reply hazy, try again
5568658 12472 Does Sandi know iam peverted? Better not tell you now
5568657 25774 Is the clot in my mom's leg anything to worry about? Yes
5568656 26493 is bobby going want me back if im pregnant? NO!
5568654 26493 could i be pregnant? As I see it, yes
5568652 1758 Does sean love me Outlook not so good
5568651 25774 Will tomorrow's blueberry pancakes be as good as Thursday's? Yes - definitely
5568650 12472 Did Sndi ever put a love spell on me to love her? My sources say no
5568649 28405 Will I win a big prize in the lottery this week? Yes
5568646 1758 Does sean hate rylie Not in a million years
5568645 28405 Will I win the jackpot tonight? Reply hazy, try again
5568644 26493 is bobby going to ask me back out? NO!
5568643 12472 DOes Snadi realize Iam strong? Yes - definitely
5568642 12472 Is Sandi surrpised I resisted her so much whe n i was very attracted to her? My sources say no
5568641 1758 Does sean like rylie Cannot predict now
5568640 12472 DOes Snadi know I was attracted to her but resisted her? Most likely
5568639 12472 does snd iknow that if she was 63 I could not resist her? Yes - definitely
5568638 1758 Will seanask me out monday My reply is no
5568637 23178 Should I buy the s4 Better not tell you now
5568636 12472 Does Sndi kow if she was 63 I could not resist her/ Ask again later
5568635 25774 Will I ever be able to kick coffee? Yes
5568633 1758 Will me and sean date Signs point to yes
5568628 25774 Am I gluten intolerent? Yes
5568627 1758 Will sean breakup with rylie My sources say no
5568626 12472 would snadi like me to put my hand inside her panties? Outlook not so good
5568625 1758 Will sean dump rylie for me Reply hazy, try again
5568624 12472 WOuld Snadi still like to put her hand inside my panties? Ask again later
5568623 12472 Does Snadi still think I am her friend? Count on it
5568621 1758 Will me an sean go out Yes - definitely
5568620 26493 will i date someone else? Concentrate and ask again
5568618 10424 Will I get to talk to Noah tomorrow? My sources say no
5568617 26493 is bobby going want me back? My reply is no
5568616 10424 Will I talk to Noah tomorrow? Reply hazy, try again
5568615 26493 am i going to meet joe soon? It is certain
5568614 12472 Does Sand iwnat t ounfriend me on FB? Concentrate and ask again
5568613 26493 is bobby going to ask me out? Very doubtful
5568612 12472 Does Sand i wnat to ever talk to me again? Outlook not so good
5568611 12472 Does Snad iwnat me to find another woman and leave her alone? Yes
5568609 12472 does sandi feel both love and hate for me now? As I see it, yes
5568607 14336 will Shpresa Gashi be my wife? Yes - definitely
5568606 12472 does snadi both like me and hate me too? NO!
5568605 12472 Does Snad istill like me? Cannot predict now
5568604 12472 Didn't Snad itese me? Better not tell you now
5568603 12472 Does Snadi see me as a clit tease? Count on it
5568602 26493 is bobby jealous that im talking to rc? Reply hazy, try again