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Is Snad ia litttle frightened of me?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568702 12472 Is Snad ia litttle frightened of me? My reply is no
5568701 23997 should justine lay off my back and let me do what i want to do My sources say no
5568700 23997 does steven cheat on me every weekend he goes out NO!
5568699 1758 Do i love sean Count on it
5568698 23997 will me and my girlfriend be together forever My sources say no
5568697 12472 Is it best if I pay hardly any attention to Sndi for the next few weeks and then contact her and tell her how much Imiss her and desire her? Without a doubt
5568696 23997 is steven the best boyfriend in the world My sources say no
5568694 250 Does Gabriel truly physically love me? Yes - definitely
5568693 23997 is justin the best girlfriend in the world My reply is no
5568692 12472 Is it best if iignore Sand i for the next 2 weeks? Without a doubt
5568691 12472 If I ignor Sandi in hte next 30 days will she never try to seduce me again? My reply is no
5568690 250 Is Gabriel the luv physically coming into my life this month? My sources say no
5568689 11244 Will Matt Sundlov come back in Katie Jafari's life? As I see it, yes
5568687 12472 Am i the most difficult person to seduce that Sandi has ever met? Count on it
5568685 23997 Should me and my girlfriend breakup Outlook not so good
5568683 23997 should i marry justine My reply is no
5568682 1758 Will sean kiss me Yes - definitely
5568681 12472 Is Sandi hoping Iwill admit to her how much I want her in the next few weeks? Most likely
5568680 25774 Thanks god. Ask again later
5568679 12472 Is Sandihoping I will cease to contact her in any way ever again? My sources say no
5568678 25774 Will I ever go back to school? Not in a million years
5568677 12472 If I do not call, email or message Sandi for the next 30 days will she be out of my life for good? Yes - definitely
5568676 1758 Am i pretty Cannot predict now
5568675 25774 Will i have opportunities to move up in my current company? Cannot predict now
5568674 23997 should i gamble NO!
5568673 12472 does snd ihave a crush on me? Cannot predict now
5568672 1758 Am i fat Yes - definitely
5568670 12472 does sand i have a crush on her? Reply hazy, try again
5568669 12472 DOes Sndi realize I have a crush on her? Yes - definitely
5568668 1758 Does sean want to date me Not in a million years
5568667 25774 Will my mom need a 3rd surgery on her legs? Cannot predict now
5568666 12472 Is Snadi ignoring me to upset me? Without a doubt
5568665 12472 Does Sandi intend to keep ignoring me till I no longer bother wit her? Very doubtful
5568664 12472 Does Sandi intend to keep ignoring me? Signs point to yes
5568663 1758 Does sean like rylie more than me Ask again later
5568662 12472 Would Snadi lick my nipples? Signs point to yes
5568661 25774 Will she need a 3rd surgery on her legs? Better not tell you now
5568660 12472 would snad i spank me? NO!
5568659 1758 Does sean love rylie more than me Reply hazy, try again
5568658 12472 Does Sandi know iam peverted? Better not tell you now
5568657 25774 Is the clot in my mom's leg anything to worry about? Yes
5568656 26493 is bobby going want me back if im pregnant? NO!
5568654 26493 could i be pregnant? As I see it, yes
5568652 1758 Does sean love me Outlook not so good
5568651 25774 Will tomorrow's blueberry pancakes be as good as Thursday's? Yes - definitely
5568650 12472 Did Sndi ever put a love spell on me to love her? My sources say no
5568649 28405 Will I win a big prize in the lottery this week? Yes
5568646 1758 Does sean hate rylie Not in a million years
5568645 28405 Will I win the jackpot tonight? Reply hazy, try again
5568644 26493 is bobby going to ask me back out? NO!