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Is Tim,thinking about me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568762 32285 Is Tim,thinking about me Cannot predict now
5568759 21348 Is he falling for me My sources say no
5568758 30991 Is kim ok As I see it, yes
5568757 21348 Will he text me It is certain
5568756 12472 is snad i bi? Very doubtful
5568755 24153 is it really over between bernard and me? Signs point to yes
5568754 1758 Does lots of boys like mw Outlook not so good
5568753 12472 Does my uant think sndi is bi? Very doubtful
5568752 21348 Is he thinking about me Outlook not so good
5568750 24153 will juan and i ever talk again? Count on it
5568749 32285 Will Tim,call me tomorrow My reply is no
5568748 1758 Am i earisistablw Concentrate and ask again
5568747 24153 will bernard and i ever talk again? NO!
5568745 24153 will bernard and i ever talk again? Concentrate and ask again
5568744 21348 Will ray text tamara Concentrate and ask again
5568743 25774 Am I psychic? It is certain
5568741 24153 will that affair ever happen in this system? Outlook not so good
5568740 1758 Is paris my freind Count on it
5568738 24153 was bernard and i headed for an affair with each otehr? It is decidedly so
5568737 12472 DOes Sand istill wnat me to give her the go ahead signal to seduce me? Without a doubt
5568736 24153 if we were still talking, would bernard and i have had the affair? Ask again later
5568735 21348 Does ray like tamaes My reply is no
5568734 12472 Did Sand i wnat me to put my arm around her in my house? Yes
5568733 1758 Will zach dump callie Ask again later
5568732 21348 Is ray thinking about tamara Outlook not so good
5568731 24153 would bernard have really bought my airline ticket? My sources say no
5568730 12472 Did Snad ithink iwould put my arm around her in my house? Yes - definitely
5568729 24153 will i ever be happy in this system? Not in a million years
5568728 12472 Did Snadi think I would get physical wit her at my house when we went t o see the Jewish play? Better not tell you now
5568727 1758 Is sean right for me Concentrate and ask again
5568726 23997 does justine want to be with steven? Without a doubt
5568725 24153 did bernard care about me? Cannot predict now
5568724 9587 Will I get on the popar page in the morning? It is certain
5568723 24153 was bernard bain ever my friend? Outlook not so good
5568722 23997 does steven want to be with justine? My sources say no
5568721 12472 Did Sand i think i would be easy to seduce? Not in a million years
5568720 24153 will bernard bain and i be friends again in this system? My sources say no
5568719 1758 Will sean ever ask me out Very doubtful
5568718 23997 are me and my boyfriend going to be together forever? Better not tell you now
5568717 13373 will katie make it through the night Outlook not so good
5568716 1758 Will sean ask me out tuesday My sources say no
5568715 12472 Did ihurt Sandi's ego? Signs point to yes
5568714 12472 Did I hurt Sand i emotionally? Cannot predict now
5568713 13373 should mom travel immediately to see katie Count on it
5568712 12472 Did ihurt Snadi ? Signs point to yes
5568711 1758 Will sean ask ,e out friday My sources say no
5568710 12472 DOes Snd ithink if she ignores me long enough I will break down and ad mit my real feelings for her? My sources say no
5568709 23997 does steven care about justines feelings? Most likely
5568708 1758 Does sean have truley phisacally feelings for me Ask again later
5568707 12472 DOes Sand inow know I never desired Debbie? Cannot predict now