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Does Nicky still love me?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5568986 1812 Does Nicky still love me? Not in a million years
5568985 1812 Will Nicky text me soon? It is certain
5568984 31335 Does Jessica Jiminez like me? Count on it
5568983 31335 Will I achieve my goal of getting 3 medals this year? Most likely
5568982 31335 does paola like me? Reply hazy, try again
5568981 11887 will we get together? It is certain
5568980 11887 Will i get together with the last guy Concentrate and ask again
5568979 31335 Will I beat the record for the 1600m this year? My sources say no
5568978 31335 Will I make it to city finals for track? Without a doubt
5568977 31335 you sure? It is decidedly so
5568976 11887 first letter of my future boyfriends name Outlook not so good
5568975 31335 Is her 2nd period room 228? Yes - definitely
5568974 31335 is her first period room 116? Most likely
5568973 31335 Is Paola's 2nd period 227? My reply is no
5568972 31335 Will I recover from my sickness by tomorrow? My sources say no
5568971 9293 Is alan going to call me soon Concentrate and ask again
5568970 9293 Is alan ok Outlook not so good
5568969 9293 Is marvin inlove with me Not in a million years
5568968 9293 Do marvin love me Very doubtful
5568967 27458 When he looks at ? Very doubtful
5568966 27458 When he looks at? Better not tell you now
5568965 27458 Would he still think? Cannot predict now
5568964 1812 Did I make I fool of myself with that text to lil taco? My reply is no
5568963 27458 Would he like to? NO!
5568962 27458 Willingly? Outlook not so good
5568961 27458 Could I? Yes
5568960 27458 Just friendly? Most likely
5568959 13078 Does Melanie love me? Very doubtful
5568958 27458 Did it make him think? My reply is no
5568957 27458 AW...did he like the note? Yes
5568955 9293 Is marvin comeing to my house tonight Yes - definitely
5568954 9293 Is marvin fight with the girl Yes
5568953 9293 Is marvin coming to my house soon Signs point to yes
5568952 4591 does gob like christina As I see it, yes
5568951 9293 Will marvin call me soon Very doubtful
5568950 30166 Should I go to his house My reply is no
5568949 12375 does karlo angelo francisco cabugwang like guisellie abellar marpa? Most likely
5568947 10653 will i be aakash aabhanis wife? NO!
5568946 21298 What grade did I get on my statistics exam? Very doubtful
5568945 10653 will i marry aakash? Ask again later
5568944 21298 Did I pass my statistics test As I see it, yes
5568943 19716 How do cow? Not in a million years
5568941 19716 thkete? My reply is no
5568939 10653 am i a maths student? Outlook not so good
5568938 10653 am i a science student? It is decidedly so
5568937 10653 do i love manan? Count on it
5568936 26278 who am i going to marry Better not tell you now
5568935 10653 do i and aakash aabhani have a future relationship as girlfriend or boy friend? Signs point to yes
5568934 27059 How will be my exam result Signs point to yes
5568933 12472 Did the psychic tell Snadi idesire her , not Debie? Not in a million years