the Magic

Please don't let it be seen

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569117 34888 Please don't let it be seen Count on it
5569116 34888 Will he see it? Cannot predict now
5569114 4747 is he going to become my manager Yes - definitely
5569113 34888 Ggzhahsiahz Concentrate and ask again
5569112 4747 ds h think that was me in the jeans 2 Outlook not so good
5569111 34888 Yszia It is certain
5569109 1812 Will I find me a girl at sfa next semester? Count on it
5569108 34888 I'm so scared Not in a million years
5569107 34888 Will it be okay? Most likely
5569106 34888 Do I? Outlook not so good
5569105 34888 Do you know I hate you Very doubtful
5569104 34888 Am I creepy Concentrate and ask again
5569103 34888 I am scared Cannot predict now
5569101 34888 Visits Yes
5569099 34888 Hzhahzka Most likely
5569098 34888 Haizbaix It is decidedly so
5569095 19336 he wouldn't, right? As I see it, yes
5569094 34888 Do you know I have a secret Outlook not so good
5569093 34888 Am I as stupid as I think Ask again later
5569092 34888 Does its like me As I see it, yes
5569091 34888 Do you like ire Ask again later
5569090 34888 Are you a humblebee Cannot predict now
5569089 34888 Are we gunna be famos My reply is no
5569088 4747 ds h think im a model As I see it, yes
5569087 34888 Are we cool? My sources say no
5569086 34888 Are you truthful Very doubtful
5569084 34888 Will Harry marry me Most likely
5569083 4747 is pm in l with me Reply hazy, try again
5569082 34888 Does Andy like me Very doubtful
5569081 34888 Is dayna cool As I see it, yes
5569080 34888 Are you real Signs point to yes
5569079 34888 Are you cool Cannot predict now
5569078 34888 Ugh I'm so stupid Without a doubt
5569077 34888 Does he like me Not in a million years
5569076 34888 Are you cool Better not tell you now
5569074 34888 I like eggs My reply is no
5569073 34888 Do you like me Very doubtful
5569072 34888 Am I cool Cannot predict now
5569071 34888 Favorite color Not in a million years
5569070 34888 Are you ok My reply is no
5569068 13911 Does he really love me? Very doubtful
5569067 13911 Will we break up? My sources say no
5569066 13911 Should we break up? Most likely
5569065 13911 Should we just break up? Reply hazy, try again
5569064 34888 Will Caleb and I ever hangout? Without a doubt
5569063 10386 Will I ever meet a girl name Mariah and be best friends with her? Cannot predict now
5569062 10386 Will I ever become best friends with a girl named Julia? Ask again later
5569061 34888 Will Caleb and I fall in love with eachother? Yes - definitely
5569060 10386 Will I ever meet a girl name Julia and become best friends with her? Reply hazy, try again
5569059 34888 Will Caleb and be in a relationship? Most likely