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Should I

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569179 34888 Should I Most likely
5569178 34888 Am I stupid Reply hazy, try again
5569177 34888 Lalalalalalalalalala It is decidedly so
5569175 3182 Has my wife cheated on me? It is certain
5569174 22302 dani jelae li me Very doubtful
5569173 3182 Will I get relieved early from work this morning? Yes
5569171 34888 Can I stop yet? Better not tell you now
5569170 30991 Will I get a do over in 2013 Without a doubt
5569169 34888 Vziabz My reply is no
5569168 34888 Shut up My sources say no
5569166 34888 What is it am I idk yes no many NO!
5569165 30991 Is he gonna change his mind and email me NO!
5569164 34888 Co then ill go grab some squirrel :) Cannot predict now
5569163 30991 Does mike think I'm good lookin My reply is no
5569162 34888 Do squirrels like to be eaten Signs point to yes
5569161 34888 So I can eat squirrels then? Ask again later
5569160 30991 Is mike at home Yes - definitely
5569159 34888 Would you care if I ate a squirel My reply is no
5569158 34888 I hate my life Better not tell you now
5569157 30991 Is mike at the hotel My sources say no
5569156 34888 Does yes spell yes My reply is no
5569155 34888 What is it My sources say no
5569154 34888 Lalalahushsnoaw As I see it, yes
5569153 34888 Or a bad bad ball My reply is no
5569152 34888 Are you a good ball? Without a doubt
5569151 34888 Do you love me My reply is no
5569150 34888 Am I stupid? Reply hazy, try again
5569149 34888 Will I be rich? NO!
5569148 34888 Do you like Asians Not in a million years
5569147 34888 Hsjans Cannot predict now
5569146 34888 Whoever reads this write " I like bacon" as your question Reply hazy, try again
5569143 23093 Will Ryan come Outlook not so good
5569142 13663 Do I have only one testicle? Count on it
5569141 13663 Will we be together during the holidays? NO!
5569140 13663 Does she think that she will be better off with me? Ask again later
5569139 34888 Are you made out of wood? Reply hazy, try again
5569138 34888 Are you made of wood? Count on it
5569137 13663 Is M going to choose C over me? NO!
5569136 34888 Are skateboards made of wood? It is certain
5569135 34888 Are skateboards made out of wood? Outlook not so good
5569133 34888 Are skateboards made out of wood? Reply hazy, try again
5569131 34888 Are skateboards made out of wood? Better not tell you now
5569129 15049 is austin's kayla better than garrett's kayla It is decidedly so
5569128 4747 would he h an a with me Reply hazy, try again
5569122 34888 Please Most likely
5569120 34888 Bad bad bad Very doubtful
5569119 34888 ha-ha-ha Most likely
5569118 17098 mababawi ko pa ba ung natalo ko? It is certain
5569117 34888 Please don't let it be seen Count on it
5569116 34888 Will he see it? Cannot predict now