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Should we river?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569378 2688 Should we river? NO!
5569376 28399 Will terry and I get back together one day Better not tell you now
5569375 10578 Should we go to lake It is certain
5569374 34157 Peace Without a doubt
5569373 18228 Should we go to the lake or the river? Signs point to yes
5569370 34157 Tres chance Better not tell you now
5569369 34157 Saabb Reply hazy, try again
5569367 34157 Porsche Reply hazy, try again
5569365 34157 Happy Concentrate and ask again
5569364 34157 Celtic Most likely
5569363 34157 Liverpool Ask again later
5569362 34157 Chelsea Better not tell you now
5569361 34157 Man city NO!
5569360 34157 Man u Signs point to yes
5569359 34157 African Count on it
5569358 34157 Irish My sources say no
5569357 34157 Italian Yes - definitely
5569356 34157 Are U happy Most likely
5569355 34157 Is it stormy Signs point to yes
5569354 34157 Is it warm My reply is no
5569353 34157 Is is cold My reply is no
5569352 4747 did h s g away f m Yes
5569351 34157 Is it sunny Most likely
5569350 34157 Is it raining Better not tell you now
5569349 710 Does he like me more than friends Better not tell you now
5569348 34157 Is it snowing Not in a million years
5569347 710 Does he like me more than friends Better not tell you now
5569346 4747 will he love me so m 4 that Without a doubt
5569345 5256 Will I see him today Outlook not so good
5569344 25494 Hiking Without a doubt
5569343 4747 he thinks im rich Yes
5569341 4747 he t im rich Ask again later
5569340 30223 Will he txt tonight My sources say no
5569338 28382 is g going to work for boeing My sources say no
5569337 4747 cz im hot n awesome Better not tell you now
5569336 28382 Is g going to get a job offer from amazon? Outlook not so good
5569335 4747 will he want 2 be friends with me Yes
5569334 22513 Does nick like me more than friends Yes - definitely
5569333 4747 ds he love m now It is decidedly so
5569332 4747 ds he l me My sources say no
5569331 4747 will pm n i become friends It is certain
5569330 33261 will mikiayh nati washington and knocalon danuwa graham kiss more than one time in the bed As I see it, yes
5569329 17616 Is AUDREY going to cheat on Brian with me? Ask again later
5569328 21768 will i get married till june 2013? Cannot predict now
5569327 21768 will i have a new home soon ? My reply is no
5569326 33261 will knocalon danuwa graham and mikiayh nati washington kiss in bed It is decidedly so
5569325 17616 Is Audrey going to cheat on Brian? Count on it
5569324 21768 will i get settled in USA soon ? Not in a million years
5569323 33261 will mikiayh nati washington and knocalon danuwa graham cuddle in the bed My reply is no
5569322 32330 Am i happy Better not tell you now