the Magic

The best

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569423 24672 The best Yes
5569422 4747 he thinks im an independant model Cannot predict now
5569421 24672 Look man city are the dogs bollocks Very doubtful
5569420 33261 is mikiayh nati washington sleep My sources say no
5569419 4747 he loves how independant n respectful i am Outlook not so good
5569418 24672 Loss off then My reply is no
5569417 4747 he is in l with me already Concentrate and ask again
5569416 4747 h could fall in l with me he will lol Outlook not so good
5569415 24672 Peanuts Ask again later
5569414 4747 hes already i l with me My reply is no
5569412 24672 Vincent It is decidedly so
5569410 24672 Johnny NO!
5569409 24672 Not a common name so unlikely My reply is no
5569408 4747 hes in l with me Not in a million years
5569407 22368 Does Adam still think about me? Cannot predict now
5569406 9538 Will I win the il Outlook not so good
5569405 22368 Does Adam still think of me? Reply hazy, try again
5569403 22368 Does will want to spend the rest of his life with me? Signs point to yes
5569402 24672 Kevin It is decidedly so
5569400 24672 I doubt it somehow NO!
5569399 24672 Mario As I see it, yes
5569398 22368 Is that why he has asked me? Reply hazy, try again
5569397 24672 George Yes - definitely
5569396 22368 Does will want to marry me? NO!
5569395 22368 Does will love me? Most likely
5569394 24672 G force Signs point to yes
5569393 24672 Apples Not in a million years
5569392 24672 Peaches My reply is no
5569391 24672 Flowers Count on it
5569390 24672 Grapes Very doubtful
5569389 24672 Bananas Not in a million years
5569388 24672 Double Signs point to yes
5569387 24672 Single NO!
5569386 24672 Kingsize Yes - definitely
5569385 24672 Pulled one way Signs point to yes
5569384 28399 Will terry ask me to his sisters wedding Not in a million years
5569383 24672 Pickles Very doubtful
5569382 24672 Trees Very doubtful
5569381 28399 Will terry call me today Better not tell you now
5569380 24672 In two places My sources say no
5569379 28399 Will terry think about me today As I see it, yes
5569378 2688 Should we river? NO!
5569376 28399 Will terry and I get back together one day Better not tell you now
5569375 10578 Should we go to lake It is certain
5569374 34157 Peace Without a doubt
5569373 18228 Should we go to the lake or the river? Signs point to yes
5569370 34157 Tres chance Better not tell you now
5569369 34157 Saabb Reply hazy, try again
5569367 34157 Porsche Reply hazy, try again
5569365 34157 Happy Concentrate and ask again