the Magic

he ds now

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569513 4747 he ds now Outlook not so good
5569512 4747 he l me so much Very doubtful
5569511 4747 did he listen 2 this song 2 My reply is no
5569510 4747 will he Most likely
5569509 4747 is he crying My reply is no
5569508 4747 he feels bad Concentrate and ask again
5569507 3863 Will I kiss Steph today ? Without a doubt
5569506 3863 Will I kiss Steph today ? Count on it
5569504 4747 ds he want to be friends Ask again later
5569502 4747 h t im special Outlook not so good
5569501 35213 Will I deliver it on time? As I see it, yes
5569500 35213 Is she going to be mad? Concentrate and ask again
5569499 15398 you are idiot ? Reply hazy, try again
5569498 35213 Will I make it? NO!
5569497 35213 Will i pass? Cannot predict now
5569496 5749 Job offer next week? It is decidedly so
5569495 5749 Marriage? Outlook not so good
5569494 5749 Love? Cannot predict now
5569493 35170 Is my sister having a baby girl? Yes - definitely
5569492 6548 is debbie getting a shag later Very doubtful
5569491 18811 Am I going to be a millionar Count on it
5569490 5989 wil i every meet all the people from my past again? My reply is no
5569489 5989 will things every be normal? Concentrate and ask again
5569488 18811 Is scott married Not in a million years
5569487 5989 will i come out of the troubles that i am imagining Without a doubt
5569486 18811 Does scott lieing to me Without a doubt
5569485 5989 will i fall into all sorts of trouble that i am imagining right now? As I see it, yes
5569483 18811 Does scott have alot of money My reply is no
5569482 5989 am i right in presuming that everything will be alright in my future and nothing will go wrong like the things that i dread the most? Not in a million years
5569481 11174 Does Harry love Chelsea? My reply is no
5569480 34930 Am I going to win millions of dallores Not in a million years
5569479 11174 Does Mark love Sue? NO!
5569478 4064 when i will get mashreq millionaire? Not in a million years
5569477 5989 will the people i have met so far ever come back to me again? My sources say no
5569476 20070 Is jeff going to be with her now? NO!
5569475 11174 Should Chelsea leave University? Most likely
5569474 5989 is what i am imagining right now going to come true Not in a million years
5569473 20070 Is jeff going to continue with her? Reply hazy, try again
5569472 11192 will i marry vj Better not tell you now
5569470 20070 Is jeff going to try and contact me? It is decidedly so
5569469 18436 Am I going to be a millionar Ask again later
5569468 20070 Will jeff try and contact me? Reply hazy, try again
5569467 20070 Is jeff thinking about me? Count on it
5569466 13192 does she miss me Yes - definitely
5569465 20070 Does jeff still love me? It is certain
5569464 13192 does jp love me My sources say no
5569463 28662 Am I getting a job My reply is no
5569462 20070 Does jeff love her? My sources say no
5569461 13192 does jp think about me Signs point to yes
5569460 28662 Does victor love me Yes