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Does Jason really love me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569561 17772 Does Jason really love me Ask again later
5569560 17772 Jason love me Not in a million years
5569559 17772 Does Jason want to have a baby with me Count on it
5569558 17772 Would mom be happy if I had a baby Yes
5569557 17772 Mom really want me too have a baby Not in a million years
5569556 4372 Should i get 1300 number My sources say no
5569555 4372 Am i having panic attacks Outlook not so good
5569554 4372 Am i sick My sources say no
5569553 24923 Are you high? Better not tell you now
5569552 9527 do i love my mum It is decidedly so
5569551 9527 do i love my mum Better not tell you now
5569550 9527 do i love my princess Without a doubt
5569549 9527 is vimto my favourite juice My sources say no
5569548 9527 is irn bru orange Outlook not so good
5569547 9527 will samantha be horrible It is decidedly so
5569546 9527 will stephanie be nice As I see it, yes
5569545 9527 is tashs dad a bawbag Yes
5569544 30000 Are you a numb-nut? It is decidedly so
5569543 9527 should we do it Signs point to yes
5569542 9527 do we want to go Reply hazy, try again
5569541 9527 do we want to do it Concentrate and ask again
5569540 9527 did david just text me Yes - definitely
5569539 9527 are jobbies tasty My sources say no
5569538 9527 is santa true NO!
5569537 9527 should tammy put the heating off Better not tell you now
5569536 9527 should tash go put the heating off As I see it, yes
5569535 9527 do i need a jobby Signs point to yes
5569534 9527 is my hair blonde My reply is no
5569533 9527 do i have blonde hair Concentrate and ask again
5569532 9527 is stephanie nice Not in a million years
5569531 9527 is samantha nice Very doubtful
5569530 9527 will i get on with my new cousins Very doubtful
5569529 9527 will the party be boring My reply is no
5569528 21888 Will I win the Teamliquid Fantasy Proleague Competition? Signs point to yes
5569527 9527 will it be boring Concentrate and ask again
5569526 9527 will it be fun Signs point to yes
5569525 9527 should we go to the party Count on it
5569523 21773 Should I rent out my house It is decidedly so
5569522 21773 Should I sell my house Not in a million years
5569521 4747 hs saying i love u Reply hazy, try again
5569520 4747 hes s i love u Better not tell you now
5569519 8580 should i share the video link on the lttrs website? Yes - definitely
5569518 4747 will hebecome my manager It is certain
5569517 4747 pm wants 2 b friends Without a doubt
5569516 4747 ds he think imk a stripper Reply hazy, try again
5569515 35170 Is Sorelle having a baby boy? Outlook not so good
5569514 4747 ds he l me alot It is certain
5569513 4747 he ds now Outlook not so good
5569512 4747 he l me so much Very doubtful
5569511 4747 did he listen 2 this song 2 My reply is no