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Putting taller down as a requirement

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569622 10331 Putting taller down as a requirement My reply is no
5569621 13747 My reply is yes Very doubtful
5569620 33145 Are you a magic eight ball? (sanity test) It is certain
5569617 5819 Will i be able get My reply is no
5569616 13747 Taller than me Not in a million years
5569615 33145 Is anyone really happy? Count on it
5569614 13747 With a sense of humour Concentrate and ask again
5569612 13747 Romantic Yes
5569611 13747 A gentleman It is decidedly so
5569610 13747 Younger Count on it
5569609 13747 Am I going to meet a new man Most likely
5569608 13747 U alright It is certain
5569607 13747 Man city to win Count on it
5569606 22531 Is buying a house in my near future It is certain
5569605 5946 Is that a yes My reply is no
5569604 5946 Good manners cost nothing Reply hazy, try again
5569603 5946 Why are you so rude NO!
5569602 34157 You're rude Without a doubt
5569601 25326 should ileave george It is decidedly so
5569600 34157 Don't know glad im single Signs point to yes
5569598 25326 should i get divorced? Better not tell you now
5569597 25326 should george and i get divorced? My reply is no
5569596 25326 should i move in with bill? Reply hazy, try again
5569595 25326 should i leave george for bill? My sources say no
5569594 25326 will i win the florida lotto tonight? As I see it, yes
5569593 27116 Will I see her to at noon As I see it, yes
5569592 22453 Will I get into the university of Pennsylvania Very doubtful
5569591 22453 Will I get into Michigan Yes
5569590 18358 Can God microwave a burrito so hot that he can't eat it? Ask again later
5569589 18358 Is water wet? Yes
5569588 18358 Is babby formed? Do girls get praegnant? Without a doubt
5569587 15157 Will Farkhondeh contact me on facebook? Yes
5569586 31258 does Alexandra love me Yes - definitely
5569585 2895 Will kal Cannot predict now
5569584 2895 Will it My reply is no
5569583 20387 Happy married life My reply is no
5569582 2895 Will it Signs point to yes
5569581 20387 Good husband Yes
5569580 20387 Govt job My reply is no
5569579 20387 Love marriage It is certain
5569578 30669 Will I get married? Outlook not so good
5569577 30669 Does A have a girlfriend? Reply hazy, try again
5569576 30669 Is A attracted to me? It is certain
5569575 30669 Will I do well on my finals? Ask again later
5569573 11174 will i get married ? Cannot predict now
5569572 11174 Does Mark love me? My reply is no
5569571 17767 does m has a crush on me Better not tell you now
5569570 17767 does m has a crush on me Better not tell you now
5569568 17767 i am gonna do good in exams Yes - definitely
5569567 17767 whats my name Without a doubt