the Magic

Your the dummy

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569752 34157 Your the dummy Cannot predict now
5569751 7836 why did my crush change his profile pic? It is certain
5569749 34157 I know mark has sabotages things for me Better not tell you now
5569748 13569 you are a fake that makes people beleive what you say you dummy Yes - definitely
5569747 25442 Will Jonny and bev marry? It is certain
5569746 25614 Is it wrong to do it by yoursef? As I see it, yes
5569745 13569 are you stupid No, but you are!
5569744 13569 will i stop arabic school soon Cannot predict now
5569743 15781 Should I just use Ask Metafilter for this? It is decidedly so
5569742 27737 Is greg seeing someone else? Yes - definitely
5569740 25442 Is Polly the love of jonny's life? NO!
5569739 13569 bannana It is decidedly so
5569738 7836 does my crush love me? Yes - definitely
5569737 25852 Hope so just got more bad news As I see it, yes
5569736 33145 If ghosts do real, am I one? It is certain
5569735 297 Will i be a successful freelance journalist? Very doubtful
5569734 25442 Is Emma the love of jonny's life? It is certain
5569733 25852 Next week Yes
5569732 13569 will i marry joshua piper Concentrate and ask again
5569731 25442 Is bev the love of Jonny's life? My reply is no
5569730 13569 do i have a good voice It is certain
5569729 25852 Will things get better Signs point to yes
5569728 25442 Is bev the love of jonny's life? Concentrate and ask again
5569727 27737 Does greg love me? Yes - definitely
5569726 297 Will my net surfing article be published by Famfun? It is decidedly so
5569725 13569 will i become famous My reply is no
5569724 25852 Weather As I see it, yes
5569722 928 has roger thought about me this morning Yes
5569721 13569 am i going to get in trouble today Reply hazy, try again
5569720 928 has roger thought about me this morning Concentrate and ask again
5569719 297 Will my berlin guideget published by TA? Ask again later
5569717 13569 do my teachers like me as a student NO!
5569715 297 Will my berlin or net surfing article get published? NO!
5569714 13569 is santa real My reply is no
5569712 19479 Isthisthehateragain Count on it
5569711 13569 am i dumb Very doubtful
5569709 13569 will i get all As and 1 B Ask again later
5569708 34157 Purple Concentrate and ask again
5569707 13569 will i be able to go to the olimpics My reply is no
5569706 34157 Orange Not in a million years
5569705 11695 does mum like fags Reply hazy, try again
5569703 34157 Yellow Without a doubt
5569701 13569 will i ever meet a superstar My sources say no
5569699 11695 is dad a pain in the ass Reply hazy, try again
5569698 11695 is dad an old woman Very doubtful
5569697 34157 Rainy day for me Better not tell you now
5569696 11695 does dad moan all the time My reply is no
5569695 11695 will laura go to university It is decidedly so
5569694 34157 This way to earths end Count on it
5569692 11695 is craig worthy of my daughter My reply is no