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Do you love me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569885 24672 Do you love me NO!
5569884 4747 ds pm l me n feels s 2 b acceped into my life Outlook not so good
5569883 24672 Footballers in the park Concentrate and ask again
5569882 4747 he l me My reply is no
5569881 24672 You can't say that Better not tell you now
5569880 24672 Try her in the shower Not in a million years
5569879 24672 Taio cruz Count on it
5569878 12365 Mahal ba ni winclaire si maricris? Signs point to yes
5569877 32542 should I do it before christmas? Without a doubt
5569876 12365 Magkakabalikan ba kami? Yes
5569875 32542 should I do it today? My reply is no
5569874 12365 Tintingnan pa ba Nya ang post ko sa fb? Count on it
5569873 32542 should I breakup with Michelle? Yes - definitely
5569872 12365 Naiisip ba ako ni winclaire? Concentrate and ask again
5569871 23855 WHat is the blue fluid Yes - definitely
5569870 32542 will she ever? Count on it
5569869 12365 Magiging masaya ba ang pasko ko? Most likely
5569868 32542 will Michelle call me today My reply is no
5569867 12365 Nakikita ba Nya ang post ko sa fb? NO!
5569866 32542 is my dad going shopping today? It is certain
5569865 12365 Mahal pa ba ako ni winclaire? NO!
5569864 18204 Will Johnny message me tonight? NO!
5569863 18204 Will Adrian and I get back to gether? Reply hazy, try again
5569862 18204 Does Adrian still love me? Outlook not so good
5569861 18204 Will Jonny ask me out? It is certain
5569860 20400 should I concentrate and ask again? My sources say no
5569851 7030 What did you do yesterday My sources say no
5569850 7030 Whoa oh whoa oh Whoa oh whoa oh Vengaboys are back in town Whoa oh whoa oh Whoa oh whoa oh Whoa oh whoa oh Whoa oh whoa oh If you're alone and you need a friend Someone to make you forget your problems Just come along baby Take my hand I'll b It is certain
5569849 14969 Will Metafilter overthink this website? As I see it, yes
5569847 7030 Is the magic 8 ball real. Signs point to yes
5569846 7030 Is the magic 8 ball real. Cannot predict now
5569845 7030 Is the magic 8 ball real. Concentrate and ask again
5569844 5989 will my husbands name start with K Without a doubt
5569843 33333 Should I go to work today? My reply is no
5569842 305 will i find ross lynch pic exsposed cock My reply is no
5569841 305 will i find a picture of ross lynch cock Cannot predict now
5569840 4747 im the 1st g girl hes evermet n he l it Yes
5569839 7523 will i win the lottery Count on it
5569838 14995 is he happy to see me? Outlook not so good
5569837 14995 culver? Reply hazy, try again
5569836 14995 faseb? Without a doubt
5569835 14995 does he care? My reply is no
5569834 14995 sell? Outlook not so good
5569833 30285 Will this all work out? Concentrate and ask again
5569831 9032 who do i like My sources say no
5569830 9032 who is joey My reply is no
5569829 9032 whats my name Without a doubt
5569828 33639 Does the magus fly at night? Signs point to yes
5569827 29062 does she miss me Cannot predict now
5569826 15126 Will the Florida powerball be 19? Better not tell you now