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Is Danlya stunned by the Change In me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569931 23939 Is Danlya stunned by the Change In me Ask again later
5569930 734 will we date? Concentrate and ask again
5569929 23939 Does Dnlya know how to React to all these Gifts NO!
5569928 734 will we be together? My reply is no
5569927 23939 Will Danlya go out with me Signs point to yes
5569926 734 if we ever date will we marry? My reply is no
5569925 23939 Does Danlya like me Spoiling her It is decidedly so
5569922 23939 will Danlya Give me a second chance Not in a million years
5569921 23939 Will Danlya give me a second chance? Ask again later
5569920 34157 Galaxy bites Without a doubt
5569919 34157 Bye for now My reply is no
5569918 4747 he ft im hardcore g but he knows i love him Cannot predict now
5569917 34157 Sorry on your pants My reply is no
5569916 34157 In your pants Not in a million years
5569915 34157 In your car Outlook not so good
5569914 4747 he l me cz im hard My reply is no
5569913 34157 Horses got any It is certain
5569912 4747 h t im hardcore My sources say no
5569911 34157 That's good have ready for next week Signs point to yes
5569910 34157 Waxing and shining it tonight As I see it, yes
5569909 9810 Will city beat united tomorrow ? Reply hazy, try again
5569908 33145 Is sportsball bestball? Signs point to yes
5569907 34157 To my marios maserati Count on it
5569906 9810 Will it be a draw in the manchester derby tomorrow ? Concentrate and ask again
5569905 33145 Do you believe in life after love? Yes - definitely
5569904 34157 Kiss kiss As I see it, yes
5569903 29062 In the future do scientist find a way to let humans live up to hundreds of years Yes
5569902 9810 Will united beat city tomorrow ? Outlook not so good
5569901 34157 Only jam left Not in a million years
5569900 29062 In the future do scientist find a way to let humans live up to thousands of years Concentrate and ask again
5569899 10450 Will God bless me to win a lottery jackpot tonight? As I see it, yes
5569898 9810 Will Manchester United beat manchester city tomorrow ? My reply is no
5569897 4747 ds pm l me as a friend My sources say no
5569896 34157 Are your pants sorted Reply hazy, try again
5569895 34157 I'm not got to sort my knickers out Ask again later
5569894 33145 No, i don't want that. As I see it, yes
5569893 33145 Give me the butter! Not in a million years
5569891 4747 r we g 2 bc bff It is certain
5569890 24672 You didn't give me any oats last night NO!
5569888 4747 dsh f special t i let h into my life Better not tell you now
5569887 24672 That's good Without a doubt
5569886 20815 is he playing me Most likely
5569885 24672 Do you love me NO!
5569884 4747 ds pm l me n feels s 2 b acceped into my life Outlook not so good
5569883 24672 Footballers in the park Concentrate and ask again
5569882 4747 he l me My reply is no
5569881 24672 You can't say that Better not tell you now
5569880 24672 Try her in the shower Not in a million years
5569879 24672 Taio cruz Count on it
5569878 12365 Mahal ba ni winclaire si maricris? Signs point to yes