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Will i be able to score above 60 % in my exam?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5569973 9425 Will i be able to score above 60 % in my exam? As I see it, yes
5569972 12506 will i meet m soon My reply is no
5569971 23128 will she ? It is certain
5569970 9425 Will my exam result be good? Outlook not so good
5569969 16711 will i have fun monday Yes
5569968 1783 Would i ever keep that disney storybook "the Fox and the Hound: that's what friends are for"? Concentrate and ask again
5569967 9425 Predict my exam result Concentrate and ask again
5569966 16711 should i commit suicide Reply hazy, try again
5569965 16711 will i have a fun 25th bday? NO!
5569964 16711 do i have handsome admirers? Ask again later
5569963 16711 will i have a fun bday? Outlook not so good
5569962 16711 will i have fun tonight? Most likely
5569961 16711 will i have a fun birthday? My sources say no
5569960 34314 I know I should stop relying on you but am I making the right decision not to retake my History module in January? Yes
5569959 6888 Ceu club game free onlin Without a doubt
5569958 7126 is arman in love with sossi My sources say no
5569957 7126 are arman's feelings towards sossi of true love Yes - definitely
5569956 7126 does arman have feelings towards sossi As I see it, yes
5569955 29213 Is it time to get going? Reply hazy, try again
5569954 7126 does arman feel anything towards sossi My reply is no
5569953 13992 Why oh why? My reply is no
5569952 7126 is arman 100% in love with sossi It is certain
5569951 23939 will Danlya and I start something new Without a doubt
5569950 7126 is arman in love with sossi Better not tell you now
5569949 23939 Is Danlya becomeing interested in me again NO!
5569948 7126 does arman miss sossi Yes
5569947 23939 Is Danlya becomeing interested in me again Ask again later
5569946 7126 is arman missing sossi Outlook not so good
5569945 7126 will arman be at church tomorrow NO!
5569943 7126 is arman going to be at church tomorrow Reply hazy, try again
5569940 23939 Does danlya want to come over to my place Better not tell you now
5569939 23939 If i ask Danlya to come over will she NO!
5569938 21825 Will Shpresa Gashi give me a chance? My reply is no
5569936 23939 Is Danlya stunned about the Recent events Most likely
5569935 21825 Will Shpresa Gashi reconsider me after she gets my notes, poems and songs? Outlook not so good
5569934 23939 IS Danlya interested that I have Changed Very doubtful
5569933 23939 Is Danlya Stunned by the change in me Concentrate and ask again
5569932 3952 can i poop? Outlook not so good
5569931 23939 Is Danlya stunned by the Change In me Ask again later
5569930 734 will we date? Concentrate and ask again
5569929 23939 Does Dnlya know how to React to all these Gifts NO!
5569928 734 will we be together? My reply is no
5569927 23939 Will Danlya go out with me Signs point to yes
5569926 734 if we ever date will we marry? My reply is no
5569925 23939 Does Danlya like me Spoiling her It is decidedly so
5569922 23939 will Danlya Give me a second chance Not in a million years
5569921 23939 Will Danlya give me a second chance? Ask again later
5569920 34157 Galaxy bites Without a doubt
5569919 34157 Bye for now My reply is no
5569918 4747 he ft im hardcore g but he knows i love him Cannot predict now