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the Magic

does shane love me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
6549784 288173 does shane love me Ask again later
6549783 288173 are the leafs going to win tonight Ask again later
6549782 747730 Will mike text or call me again Signs point to yes
6549781 747730 Will I hear from mike soon Very doubtful
6549780 288173 is Alison the best girl ever Signs point to yes
6549779 288173 is shane a dumbass? Very doubtful
6549778 288173 am i going to win a bet on the breeders cup 2013 Count on it
6549777 288173 is paynter going to win the breeders cup on saturday Better not tell you now
6549775 747730 Does mike still love me NO!
6549774 1598 Is Kiaira excited? Signs point to yes
6549773 747730 Will mike text or call me anytime soon Outlook good
6549772 725425 Should I go study with the other Circle K members in Geisel right now? It is decidedly so
6549771 747730 Will mike contact me soon My reply is no
6549770 747730 Has mike thought of me today Signs point to yes
6549769 960900 will i be married to gary Not in a million years
6549768 960900 will i be married to gary by 7/14/13 Not in a million years
6549766 214197 will i ever have a baby My sources say no
6549765 205993 Am I Pregnant NO!
6549763 898390 do I have an instergram Concentrate and ask again
6549762 799436 Will my sister bet cancer? Without a doubt
6549761 898390 am I online asking you questions Not in a million years
6549760 898390 am I online NO!
6549759 351329 Will I still poop if I eat Cheez-Its? Outlook not so good
6549758 898390 do Orlando love me My reply is no
6549757 898390 am I single It is decidedly so
6549756 898390 am I a good writer Cannot predict now
6549755 898390 m I eating chips My reply is no
6549754 799436 Will I get the job with fire eye? Count on it
6549753 90074 Does Steven love me? Count on it
6549752 799436 Will I get the job with fire eye? Ask again later
6549751 673559 Am I taking it too far? Signs point to yes
6549750 673559 Should I delete it? Yes
6549749 799436 Will I get the job with emc? Most likely
6549748 90074 Does Steven love me Reply hazy, try again
6549747 673559 Will that status make Josh jealous? As I see it, yes
6549746 623581 will it sell by dec 12? Outlook not so good
6549745 166141 Should I call him if he doesn't call me by 9:30 pm? Better not tell you now
6549744 977646 will alex be on in 3 minutes? Cannot predict now
6549743 977646 will alex be on in 5 minutes? It is certain
6549742 511509 Am I pregnant? Count on it
6549741 511509 Will I have a boy in June? Signs point to yes
6549740 511509 Will I have a boy in Julne? Signs point to yes
6549739 511509 Will I have a boy in July? NO!
6549738 511509 Will I have a boy in July? Ask again later
6549737 257643 do you tell lies? Yes - definitely
6549736 511509 Will it be a boy? Most likely
6549735 257643 is he falling in love with me? Ask again later
6549734 511509 Will I get a bfp in November? It is decidedly so
6549733 257643 Does he love me? NO!
6549732 24334 Will I survive next round of cuts? Without a doubt