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the Magic

Is Kiaira hoping she will date me when I come?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
6549834 1598 Is Kiaira hoping she will date me when I come? Yes - definitely
6549831 464622 Does she think about me naked Yes
6549830 465660 should I BELIEVE these answers given about the proctor questions It is decidedly so
6549829 690212 Should I study graphic design again Better not tell you now
6549828 1598 Is Kiaira thinking about me coming to Reynoldsburg? Signs point to yes
6549827 465660 did that proctor text here during our test Yes - definitely
6549826 465660 did that proctor take a picture of me Without a doubt
6549825 465660 will i penalized for cheating on this test My reply is no
6549824 152204 Am I a male It is certain
6549823 152204 Am I going to have chemotherapy again? Count on it
6549822 465660 did the proctor of the test tell on me Yes - definitely
6549821 464622 Would she go out with me Signs point to yes
6549820 465660 did that proctor tell on me Most likely
6549819 465660 does mrs. randall know i cheated on my test? My sources say no
6549818 808014 do I have blond hair My reply is no
6549817 464622 Will she call me Reply hazy, try again
6549816 1598 Is Kiaira thinking? Yes - definitely
6549815 426237 Will he eva trust me Yes
6549813 464622 Does ashley miss me Most likely
6549812 808014 am I from louisiana As I see it, yes
6549811 808014 Will tomorrow be a good day? Most likely
6549810 426237 Does ian trust me NO!
6549809 680044 Will I see his brother when I visit? Most likely
6549808 680044 Will the dress look good on me? Most likely
6549807 1598 Is Kiaira excited because she believes I will be in her city? As I see it, yes
6549806 680044 Will I lose more weight before my trip? It is decidedly so
6549804 1598 Is Kiaira excited because I will be in her city? Concentrate and ask again
6549803 928075 Sam loves me Concentrate and ask again
6549801 808014 Will I go back to ... Very doubtful
6549800 680044 Does he still love me? Most likely
6549799 680044 Does he miss me? Count on it
6549798 680044 Does he think about me? Most likely
6549797 680044 Does he miss me? Concentrate and ask again
6549796 680044 Did I hurt his feelings? Not in a million years
6549795 680044 Does he think about me? Cannot predict now
6549794 680044 Does he miss me? Cannot predict now
6549793 680044 Will he sleep with me? Without a doubt
6549792 680044 Will he come to my room? Without a doubt
6549791 673559 Will Josh reply? Without a doubt
6549790 680044 Does he want to see me? As I see it, yes
6549789 680044 Does he miss me? Ask again later
6549788 680044 Will he see me when I visit? Most likely
6549787 65781 Has she read my text? Outlook not so good
6549786 288173 is sandy being sincere NO!
6549785 288173 does shane love me Better not tell you now
6549784 288173 does shane love me Ask again later
6549783 288173 are the leafs going to win tonight Ask again later
6549782 747730 Will mike text or call me again Signs point to yes
6549781 747730 Will I hear from mike soon Very doubtful
6549780 288173 is Alison the best girl ever Signs point to yes