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the Magic

liz had one for him and don's mexican nephew on her dance team :D

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8266709 467546 liz had one for him and don's mexican nephew on her dance team :D Very doubtful
8266708 467546 he was hoping for dancing jigaboos Count on it
8266707 467546 he was so ugly he died once As I see it, yes
8266706 467546 beeyitch... his green jeep cherokee was all erratic and slow and s h i t Yes
8266705 467546 he wanted a bullet hole to the face Yes
8266704 467546 when I wave my hand dismissively at you like that ... if you don't f u k k i n g understand Very doubtful
8266703 467546 August 14, 2011 was that humorous day :) Without a doubt
8266702 467546 p u n k b i t c h Better not tell you now
8266701 467546 your losers are too ugly for hot chicks. Most likely
8266700 467546 hot blonde Miss South Dakota and that hot s e x y blonde Soloist rejected your ugly mexican. As I see it, yes
8266699 467546 he's so ugly that he was humping the steering wheel all alone... I laughed out loud and drove to moon meadows and back home and ate my jimmy johns sandwich :) Without a doubt
8266698 467546 I'm the s e x y male. 323-258-3388 856-423-3553 . and I shot your ugly cop in the face for continuing to follow me around :) Very doubtful
8266697 32743 will Heathers social security be on time in February? It is decidedly so
8266696 32743 will Heathers social security be on time in February? Reply hazy, try again
8266695 778250 Will I make $3000 from book sales at the end of the month? Outlook good
8266694 32743 will i get a normal tax refund this year? As I see it, yes
8266692 615259 Does linus have a crush on me? Signs point to yes
8266691 615259 Does linus k have a huge crush on me? Ask again later
8266690 322081 Will we close on the house soon Outlook good
8266689 322081 Will we close on the house soon Cannot predict now
8266688 322081 Will we close on the house soon Cannot predict now
8266687 322081 Will the government shut down end soon Yes - definitely
8266686 175718 Will I get promoted Signs point to yes
8266685 175718 will my colleague get promoted My sources say no
8266684 175718 Will my colleague lose their job My sources say no
8266683 175718 Will I find a better job Yes - definitely
8266682 175718 Will i lose my job Without a doubt
8266681 82791 Does he mean he wants to do me? NO!
8266680 848766 Тодор ще си хване ли блондинка Ask again later
8266679 281594 has the tablet hydrea that I am taking worked on my blood disorder Yes - definitely
8266678 281594 am I going to be taking the tablet hydrea for the rest of my life It is certain
8266677 281594 am I going to be taking hydrea for the rest of my life Most likely
8266676 595976 Erika do you miss me honey? My reply is no
8266675 595976 Do you miss me honey? Reply hazy, try again
8266674 281594 is the bone marrow biopsy that I am going to have going to show that the blood cancer hasn't advanced in the bone marrow Yes
8266673 281594 am I going to put the 2 kilos back on that I have lost Without a doubt
8266672 281594 ami going to put the weight back on by changing my vitamins My reply is no
8266671 677181 Will God surprise and bless me to be the sole winner of the entire Mega Millions Jackpot tonight? Very doubtful
8266670 786866 Will my office be very orderly As I see it, yes
8266669 786866 Will I organize my life very soon NO!
8266668 786866 Will I do very good teaching at ocu Count on it
8266667 786866 Will my class go excellent My sources say no
8266666 278133 Does Juan change? Signs point to yes
8266665 278133 Is Juan funky? Outlook good
8266664 278133 Is Juan creepy? Without a doubt
8266663 278133 Is Juan real serious? It is certain
8266662 278133 Is Juan a liar? Very doubtful
8266661 278133 Is Juan the wrong boyfriend for me? Ask again later
8266660 278133 Is Juan the wrong guy for me? Reply hazy, try again
8266659 278133 Is Juan the right guy for me? My reply is no