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the Magic

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8266745 405861 Will Anthony focx communicate with me more Most likely
8266744 405861 Will Anthony focx decide to be flirty with me again Most likely
8266743 405861 Will Anthony focx decide to communicate with me more Very doubtful
8266742 405861 Will Anthony focx communicate more with me Very doubtful
8266741 405861 Will Anthony focx decide to communicate more effectively with me Cannot predict now
8266740 405861 Will Anthony focx decide to make an effort to communicate with effectively with me Outlook not so good
8266739 172325 I get my check today right :) Yes - definitely
8266738 172325 so you losers didn't win yet Count on it
8266737 405861 Will Anthony start making an effort to communicate more with me Signs point to yes
8266736 405861 Does Anthony focx feel I did the right thing last night by asking if he is ok Most likely
8266735 405861 Does Anthony focx think that we should belong in a relationship together Better not tell you now
8266734 405861 Does Anthony focx know that I had a good intentions when I said I'm here to talk if he needs me Not in a million years
8266733 731572 WIll M.V. ever make love to me again? Yes
8266732 405861 Was Anthony Focx glad I contacted him last night My sources say no
8266731 958882 Can I perfect my score in DIASS exam tomorrow? It is certain
8266730 731572 Will Millie and I get married? It is certain
8266729 731572 Will Millie come back to me? Very doubtful
8266728 79770 Am I having twins ? Outlook good
8266727 79770 Am I having a boy? Signs point to yes
8266726 79770 Do it be like that sometime? Most likely
8266725 79770 Am I having a baby boy ? Ask again later
8266724 79770 Am I having a baby girl ? Outlook good
8266723 726419 Will I hear about the interview today? As I see it, yes
8266722 171295 Hugs and lots of love Most likely
8266721 171295 I love you Signs point to yes
8266720 1034288 Does Quinn like me Outlook not so good
8266719 171295 Drunken monkey Yes - definitely
8266718 171295 Dirty filthy injun .welfare rat It is certain
8266717 171295 Dirty filthy injun Not in a million years
8266716 171295 S e x y ...is fluffy Count on it
8266715 171295 Dumb injun As I see it, yes
8266714 171295 Tar babies Yes
8266713 467546 heh heh heh :) littering? My reply is no
8266712 467546 " we need to talk about defense today... me: " tell him to drop the charges As I see it, yes
8266711 467546 just drop the charges ... because I said so Outlook good
8266710 467546 I never cried for your loser and I never felt any remorse :) Most likely
8266709 467546 liz had one for him and don's mexican nephew on her dance team :D Very doubtful
8266708 467546 he was hoping for dancing jigaboos Count on it
8266707 467546 he was so ugly he died once As I see it, yes
8266706 467546 beeyitch... his green jeep cherokee was all erratic and slow and s h i t Yes
8266705 467546 he wanted a bullet hole to the face Yes
8266704 467546 when I wave my hand dismissively at you like that ... if you don't f u k k i n g understand Very doubtful
8266703 467546 August 14, 2011 was that humorous day :) Without a doubt
8266702 467546 p u n k b i t c h Better not tell you now
8266701 467546 your losers are too ugly for hot chicks. Most likely
8266700 467546 hot blonde Miss South Dakota and that hot s e x y blonde Soloist rejected your ugly mexican. As I see it, yes
8266699 467546 he's so ugly that he was humping the steering wheel all alone... I laughed out loud and drove to moon meadows and back home and ate my jimmy johns sandwich :) Without a doubt
8266698 467546 I'm the s e x y male. 323-258-3388 856-423-3553 . and I shot your ugly cop in the face for continuing to follow me around :) Very doubtful
8266697 32743 will Heathers social security be on time in February? It is decidedly so
8266696 32743 will Heathers social security be on time in February? Reply hazy, try again