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the Magic

awww then f u k k off mexicans from the attractive uppity white women of South Dakota

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8266799 467546 awww then f u k k off mexicans from the attractive uppity white women of South Dakota Signs point to yes
8266798 467546 it did right Ask again later
8266797 467546 did don mousel's ugly mexican nephew commit suicide yet It is certain
8266796 467546 you aren't s e x y Outlook good
8266795 467546 you didn't make your mark Very doubtful
8266794 467546 it's the worst rejection in history that loser at liz and don's wedding My reply is no
8266793 467546 you're too ugly ugly mexican Better not tell you now
8266792 467546 you got rejected by everybody It is certain
8266791 467546 your mexican didn't attract any hot chicks Outlook not so good
8266790 467546 that's the winner It is certain
8266789 467546 all the hot women wanted liz's younger brother T O M Ask again later
8266788 467546 you were rejected by everybody Most likely
8266787 467546 you took it like a p u n k b i t c h Better not tell you now
8266786 467546 you got p u n k e d My reply is no
8266785 467546 stay out of South Dakota, mexican As I see it, yes
8266784 467546 it's your face and body. nobody wants you. Yes
8266783 467546 you got removed multiple times Signs point to yes
8266782 467546 you got removed multiple times at that wedding. I don't think being attractive is what you're about, you ugly mexican. Reply hazy, try again
8266781 467546 you're just an ugly mexican Reply hazy, try again
8266780 467546 I'm sorry you can't attract a hot chick Reply hazy, try again
8266779 467546 too ugly for hot white chicks NO!
8266778 467546 just an ugly little mexican It is certain
8266777 467546 it's your face Yes
8266776 467546 I'm sorry you couldn't connect Yes - definitely
8266775 467546 ugly little mexican NO!
8266774 467546 ugly jew . you're better looking My sources say no
8266773 467546 they're building a wall to keep your ugly kind out of the United States! My reply is no
8266772 467546 you got rejected. you don't measure up Without a doubt
8266771 467546 you're so f u k k i n g ugly loser, you'll never attract those s e x y white girls! you're ugly like a jew ! Outlook not so good
8266770 467546 you got rejected by every hot chick in rapid city SD. My reply is no
8266769 467546 that clothing doesn't belong on you. Count on it
8266768 467546 you're just some ugly beaner wab in express store clothing My reply is no
8266767 467546 you don't attract hot chicks. NO!
8266766 467546 your face is too ugly. Count on it
8266765 467546 you didn't win, you ugly mexican. My reply is no
8266764 738340 Send out tivc Outlook good
8266763 738340 Send otivc Reply hazy, try again
8266762 467546 nobody wanted it. My sources say no
8266761 738340 Give rtrsprf4ef It is decidedly so
8266760 467546 your mexican is too ugly. Better not tell you now
8266759 738340 Give rtrspf4nf My sources say no
8266758 467546 are you jealous of me :) It is certain
8266757 467546 you're lying. Outlook good
8266756 467546 so I'm the one who got flirted with hit on by hot blonde Miss South Dakota NO!
8266755 467546 it's true right Concentrate and ask again
8266754 467546 I got hit on by hot blonde Miss South Dakota Reply hazy, try again
8266753 738340 Give the ovlbrc for tsvtfv Outlook good
8266752 738340 Give tolvbrchf tet My reply is no
8266751 648767 Should maciek get another beer? Yes - definitely
8266749 366616 Should I date Johnathan? Without a doubt