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the Magic

Is sally dreaming of her mystery lover now?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8283111 505475 Is sally dreaming of her mystery lover now? As I see it, yes
8283110 167026 Clinton is done with me Signs point to yes
8283109 167026 Is Clinton done with me Most likely
8283108 167026 Is Clinton going to leave me alone Yes
8283107 167026 Does Clinton not want me Outlook good
8283106 604719 Will I win the entire Mega Millions Jackpot tomorrow night? Yes - definitely
8283105 604719 Will I really get my Federal Tax Refund this year for real? NO!
8283104 604719 Will I get my Federal Tax Refund this year? It is decidedly so
8283103 677181 Will God ease up and have mercy on me financially right now or not? NO!
8283102 677181 Will God ease up and have mercy on me financially right now? My sources say no
8283101 612947 I w n h t w f m e a ? As I see it, yes
8283100 612947 Will I e h t w f a p c e a? Without a doubt
8283099 612947 Will w b e g a n c t w b w f a v v l t v v s? Signs point to yes
8283098 612947 Will w b b g a t n f m e I t v n f? My sources say no
8283097 612947 Will w a b a t g a t t w n v v s? Signs point to yes
8283096 281594 is theo Giannopoulos going to put birthday wishes on my page Yes - definitely
8283095 281594 am I going to get presents for my birthday on thursday It is decidedly so
8283094 680807 Is Brown true? Signs point to yes
8283093 46283 your losers don't attract My reply is no
8283092 153064 Hey boob? Is d ok? he alive ? My reply is no
8283091 153064 Boob?'s now taco.tuesday It is decidedly so
8283090 153064 Oh boob? It's you that needs It is decidedly so
8283089 153064 Oh boob...r u busy? basing ?'s a small world? It is certain
8283088 46283 let me take care of you Count on it
8283087 153064 Jose Abraham julio's good to see you again ...boob It is certain
8283086 46283 auruh... I like your rat self My reply is no
8283085 46283 I'm the only good looking guy anyway Without a doubt
8283084 46283 auruh... just ask me out ... life will be much easier for you My reply is no
8283083 46283 I'm doin the bilstein 6112s with the wide piston bodies Most likely
8283082 153064 Oh my dear dear boob ..the way my pink eye catches your attention very titillating do like to be titillated? Outlook good
8283081 46283 auruh... if I don't do the BP-51 My reply is no
8283080 46283 your ugly mexican could never catch her eye Without a doubt
8283079 153064 Boob? Um booby? r u reading this? It is certain
8283078 46283 my Filipino girlfriend wants to see me again It is certain
8283077 153064 Boob? Omg boy oh boy got an utterly titillating new name for your self It is certain
8283076 153064 Omg ...boob?...put it away ...before the police show up NO!
8283075 153064 Boob?...r u out there ? Not in a million years
8283074 153064 Oppsie ...peek a boob Without a doubt
8283073 153064 Boob? Mr adelstein?Jose? ...I know you are playing peek a boo NO!
8283072 153064 And every Julio I ever knew drinks tequila Signs point to yes
8283071 153064 And every Julio I ever knew drinks tequila Better not tell you now
8283070 153064 Every Jose I ever knew drinks warm milk Outlook not so good
8283069 153064 Or I can always call you Julio Jose adelstein Most likely
8283068 153064 Boob?Should call you your new name? ...Jose adelstein. Count on it
8283067 167026 Clinton dnt want me anymore Cannot predict now
8283066 167026 clinton done with me Most likely
8283065 167026 Does Clinton want to be with me Reply hazy, try again
8283064 167026 Clinton want to be with me My sources say no
8283063 153064 Some tequila? ..cha cha cha ...bubba bubba say boob Better not tell you now
8283062 167026 Does Clinton want me to leave him alone My sources say no