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the Magic

Will d a m b m?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8333685 663522 Will d a m b m? As I see it, yes
8333684 663522 Will I g t u m f s v s? Cannot predict now
8333683 663522 Will b f o t h w t j p m m l t? Outlook good
8333682 663522 Will t b a w b d f u? NO!
8333681 663522 Will I b d a b n j g w t n f d? Signs point to yes
8333680 663522 Will d g b t s ? Outlook not so good
8333679 584598 google images: p320 build 80% Yes - definitely
8333678 865538 What time is it Very doubtful
8333677 865538 Should I beat my meat Signs point to yes
8333676 584598 google images: mup-1 p320 Count on it
8333675 164791 Is the glsodr good As I see it, yes
8333674 164791 Is the glsorder good Outlook not so good
8333673 164791 Are the orders good My sources say no
8333672 584598 you can find the P320 80% build kit at ... the buffalo ... jsdtactical... abprototype Yes - definitely
8333671 584598 P320 rather ... at the sig arms website It is decidedly so
8333670 584598 the sig P230 pistol 80 % build kit It is certain
8333669 584598 have you seen his commercial Yes
8333668 584598 don kept asking for the polymer frame kit ... the nongun builders kit ... for the youngins and onetime mistakees My reply is no
8333667 584598 its a plastic polymer frame with rails Signs point to yes
8333666 584598 don said you know what a modern handgun is Outlook not so good
8333665 584598 I had to listen to it ... again and again Outlook good
8333664 584598 don said how about quality firearms for the rest of us, for those who cant own them Outlook good
8333663 584598 he was really into black powder firearms NO!
8333662 584598 don gave his input Without a doubt
8333661 584598 the target customer consumer... NO!
8333660 584598 online they know him as black hills archer It is certain
8333659 584598 hes an elk hunter Outlook not so good
8333658 584598 hes a longtime scheels customer Without a doubt
8333657 584598 he was selected by cabelas as the outdoorsy sportsman... and he recieved the hardbound cabelas catalog ... As I see it, yes
8333656 584598 he seemed enthusiastic at first... but then he said no... that would be an illegal transfer It is certain
8333655 164791 is hblg yes or no Yes - definitely
8333654 584598 don mousel... I asked him one time... can you buy me a handgun ... if I give you the money Very doubtful
8333653 118815 Will Alin go to Loyola? NO!
8333652 118815 Will Alin go to Southwestern? It is certain
8333651 118815 Does Cameron want me back? Count on it
8333650 118815 Is Cameron mad at me? Yes - definitely
8333649 118815 Does Cameron miss me? NO!
8333648 118815 Does Cameron miss me? Concentrate and ask again
8333647 118815 Will I get accepted into the school I want? Signs point to yes
8333646 118815 Do I have a chance at L's evening program? Outlook good
8333645 118815 Will Southwestern law school accept AI? Reply hazy, try again
8333644 118815 Will Southwestern law school accept AI? Better not tell you now
8333643 118815 Will I go to law school in the Los Angeles area? Not in a million years
8333642 118815 will I move out of Los Angeles for law school? My reply is no
8333641 118815 Will I get accepted? Very doubtful
8333640 118815 Will Loyola law school accept me? Concentrate and ask again
8333639 220805 Do sexual abusers go to jail? It is certain
8333638 786866 Will we be able to afford this home It is decidedly so
8333637 988286 Af yourself Signs point to yes
8333636 988286 Will he be punished It is decidedly so