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the Magic

Will I b a t o I f h b d b I w b h I t?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8333731 663522 Will I b a t o I f h b d b I w b h I t? Yes
8333730 663522 Will w b a t b d a n j g f h b d t y f r a f s? Very doubtful
8333729 663522 Will I b a w t w o t p e+ As I see it, yes
8333728 663522 Will I g t t p e a d g a b a s a? My reply is no
8333727 505475 Should i go and tell all now? Count on it
8333726 505475 Should i beat off my little worthless sissy vienna sausage now and stop before i would finish? NO!
8333725 505475 Should i confess to sally she needs real men? It is decidedly so
8333724 505475 Should i learn women are superior and service susans male friends? It is certain
8333723 505475 Should i just be susans slave? Yes
8333722 505475 Will i be able to perform? Very doubtful
8333721 505475 Is sally thinking about me as a lover again? Signs point to yes
8333720 505475 Dors sally dream of her mystery lovers today? It is certain
8333719 505475 Should i tell on quora about my favorite sub possition? Without a doubt
8333718 298056 do i love kay? NO!
8333717 298056 will kay tell me he loves me My sources say no
8333716 298056 this year? Signs point to yes
8333715 298056 this month? NO!
8333714 298056 this weekend? Outlook not so good
8333712 298056 will k and i get married? Outlook not so good
8333711 426998 Will Ray call me It is certain
8333710 426998 Does ray love Tamara Most likely
8333709 213783 Will staff say I take care of myself Very doubtful
8333708 385103 Does Sharon get to win after all of that? Reply hazy, try again
8333707 385103 Does Sharon win after all? Concentrate and ask again
8333706 467044 Will the warranty apply to today's repair? Signs point to yes
8333705 213783 Does Val thinki am upset withher Most likely
8333704 786866 Will my sister be so happy today Signs point to yes
8333703 786866 Will my sister be so happy today Better not tell you now
8333702 518940 Will Erin get the Oklahoma job? It is decidedly so
8333701 518940 Are we moving soon? Signs point to yes
8333700 118815 will I do well on my test? Count on it
8333699 118815 will I get an OK score on my exam? Not in a million years
8333698 118815 will I get a good score on my upcoming exam? Very doubtful
8333697 118815 will I get a good score on lsat? Not in a million years
8333696 118815 Will Loyola law school evening program accept me? Without a doubt
8333695 118815 will I score higher than 150? It is decidedly so
8333694 608839 Are you lying As I see it, yes
8333693 608839 Was that a flea that I killed It is certain
8333692 663522 Will w b a t b t h o b h r w c I t u d? My reply is no
8333691 663522 Will w s h t l w a d a? Outlook good
8333687 663522 Is b g t w t t h m d t f m m? Most likely
8333686 663522 Are w r a t g a w l o m f r? As I see it, yes
8333685 663522 Will d a m b m? As I see it, yes
8333684 663522 Will I g t u m f s v s? Cannot predict now
8333683 663522 Will b f o t h w t j p m m l t? Outlook good
8333682 663522 Will t b a w b d f u? NO!
8333681 663522 Will I b d a b n j g w t n f d? Signs point to yes
8333680 663522 Will d g b t s ? Outlook not so good
8333679 584598 google images: p320 build 80% Yes - definitely
8333678 865538 What time is it Very doubtful