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the Magic

I’m truly gonna smack the hell outta you

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8359711 1029091 I’m truly gonna smack the hell outta you Yes
8359710 1029091 I’m gonna screw you , Outlook good
8359709 96657 Will Brandon and I ever speak again It is certain
8359708 1029091 Lol oh sorry ...I’m the last sane one Signs point to yes
8359707 1029091 You all are psycho Very doubtful
8359706 96657 Will Brandon ever apologize Outlook not so good
8359705 96657 Does Brandon love you Signs point to yes
8359704 1029091 Payback is coming ,,,you have no idea It is certain
8359703 96657 Is Brandon using Zakyia to hurt you It is certain
8359702 1029091 I’m gonna nail you stupid idiots Outlook not so good
8359701 1029091 You are an ass It is decidedly so
8359700 686455 is J at work Yes
8359699 96657 Does Brandon love Zakyia NO!
8359698 1029091 You are gonna be hit if you anger me Most likely
8359697 225579 Are w a to s a d n f o f s a b m h? Ask again later
8359696 225579 Does b r h a w t s u r n? Outlook not so good
8359695 225579 In t n s d w a t c b b m a w w b l o d? Cannot predict now
8359694 1029091 I have a temper ... careful Signs point to yes
8359693 225579 Will I e h t w a a j a? Yes - definitely
8359692 1029091 I’m gonna smack some of you upside the heads Yes
8359691 225579 Will I g t t I w a n w t n f w f r n? Without a doubt
8359690 225579 Should I j l t l t I f m a k t e w b s a I w h m o m a s a s I m l t I n a w v v s n? It is certain
8359689 1029091 Careful punk ...I will Count on it
8359688 1029091 Its gonna be my turn to walk away ...beat your ass Very doubtful
8359687 225579 Should I j r t I t l a k I w h m o m a t s a s I h d a f y v s n? Concentrate and ask again
8359686 225579 I w b a a g m d s o w n f I a w w a w o g a v l a o m a b l o t l b t e o a? It is certain
8359685 225579 Will a o m t m v s? As I see it, yes
8359684 225579 Is t c j g t k g o a o a o? Count on it
8359683 1029091 Lol u are gonna be smacked upside the head It is certain
8359682 225579 Are t a t g s v m b f u n? Outlook not so good
8359681 225579 Will t a c m e d a t t h a g m I a d t I a d ? Ask again later
8359680 225579 Will I g a v s p b o w s I g t t t? Signs point to yes
8359679 225579 Will I b b t t t t h? My reply is no
8359678 1029091 If you don’t stop using my dream guy name or I’ll slap you silly Yes - definitely
8359677 225579 Will t r c m d a g t I f h t t l w m t g? It is decidedly so
8359676 225579 Will I b a a s g c b s o o t y? Not in a million years
8359675 225579 Will I n b c o h p p d a s g d c I s o s? Cannot predict now
8359674 225579 Will I b c o h p p d a o n w a w s g c v s? Outlook not so good
8359673 1029091 Go away freak ...I’m talking to m8 Yes - definitely
8359672 225579 They w s a t t m d t a h m h b m a I w g a a l w t n s d? Signs point to yes
8359671 992933 s h i t ! ... you've got my license plate doing all the work now My reply is no
8359670 225579 Will w I r m c j n c t d a n r l a I a a a a m c f p I? Outlook not so good
8359669 992933 this aint Arizona! this is New Philadelphia OHIO!!!and the license plate is [ BOZACK ] Yes - definitely
8359668 1029091 I love taking care of someone ...but I’m tired of feeling like I’m beating my head against a brick wall Yes
8359667 992933 awww s h i t ... awww s h i t Outlook not so good
8359666 225579 Will s g t n I t w m t r a a m a a c f p? Yes
8359665 1029091 I wanna help ...but I’m getting really tired ... It is decidedly so
8359664 225579 She w t t s t w m t r a a m? Concentrate and ask again
8359663 225579 Will t v s? Outlook good
8359662 225579 Did t c m d a g m I y s I f a? Outlook not so good