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the Magic

Does she relate to my struggle

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8420440 258671 Does she relate to my struggle It is decidedly so
8420439 258671 Does she know understand my pain My sources say no
8420438 258671 Is graves losing it Outlook good
8420437 258671 Does graves admit she is losing it Cannot predict now
8420436 258671 Will Thomas call me Ask again later
8420435 258764 Will Kendra see my coming out post? Not in a million years
8420434 258764 Will Kendra see my post? Concentrate and ask again
8420433 134464 Will God actually heed my prayer for once this time and bless us to keep our current home this time around? Yes - definitely
8420432 258671 Will the veterans be able to wear t shirts in observation of military holidays Outlook good
8420431 258671 Will the girls be allowed to wear t shirts on the military hooligans Ask again later
8420430 258671 Will the next meal be far more tasty My reply is no
8420429 258671 The breakfast was a hit My reply is no
8420428 258671 The program turned out allright Most likely
8420427 258671 Will I be prepared to speak next time Count on it
8420426 258671 Did it turn out ok anyways It is certain
8420425 258671 The veterans program went well today NO!
8420424 258671 Did the program go well today? Outlook not so good
8420423 258671 Did staff think what I was wearing was cute It is certain
8420422 258671 Did I look good today? Cannot predict now
8420421 234935 Beto thinking about Maria Yes
8420420 234935 She went to Mexico Most likely
8420419 234935 Beto thinking about me My reply is no
8420418 724033 Beto thinking about me Outlook not so good
8420415 713864 Should I beat my meat Yes
8420414 234935 Beto gets jealous when y talking to me Yes - definitely
8420413 234935 She went to perris Outlook good
8420412 528178 Am I pretty Concentrate and ask again
8420411 234935 They went to perris Most likely
8420410 234935 They went to perris Reply hazy, try again
8420409 528178 Did I ever have a chance with brian Yes
8420408 528178 Will I ever find true love As I see it, yes
8420407 528178 Will tom break my heart My sources say no
8420405 528178 Am I only a friend to tom Yes - definitely
8420404 528178 Will tom ever fall in love with me My sources say no
8420403 1007851 Will I g a l t t d t? It is certain
8420402 1007851 Will t a b w m t t t h d m c I w g? My sources say no
8420401 1007851 Will I g t v l a o f r I n t? Signs point to yes
8420400 1007851 Will I b e h t ? Signs point to yes
8420399 1007851 Did s s a a s t p n t g m a w c n? Cannot predict now
8420398 1007851 Is s g t h m d t n? Outlook good
8420397 1007851 Is m l a o t f t I h a e g c o b a w c n? Outlook good
8420396 1007851 Do I r h a r g c o g a n w c? Concentrate and ask again
8420395 234935 She is working tommrow Count on it
8420394 1007851 Will I g a l I m t o s f s s d I? Outlook good
8420393 1007851 Will I g m f p c t p a m b p f t s? It is certain
8420392 1007851 Will I g t v l c I t m I s d n t? It is decidedly so
8420391 1007851 Is I g t a g b n? Cannot predict now
8420390 258764 Is Nextdoor going to be home all night? Reply hazy, try again
8420389 258764 Does Jill think I’m doing drag? Yes - definitely
8420388 258764 Does Jill think I’m up to no good? Outlook not so good