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the Magic

he is divorced. nothing can change that. I don't date divorced men.

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8431572 34483 he is divorced. nothing can change that. I don't date divorced men. Yes - definitely
8431571 34483 I would love to believe his pretty words. ...but...i don't. As I see it, yes
8431570 34483 i just want to be free of him. Maybe in a different lifetime...things would have been different. But they arent. Outlook not so good
8431569 34483 i don't hate him. I just ...want to be set free. Most likely
8431568 34483 its 2:10 am. its late. I should be sleeping Outlook good
8431567 764542 Does Hakim love me? It is decidedly so
8431566 843070 be dead be dead Without a doubt
8431565 843070 are you dead yet :) Count on it
8431564 843070 stop pretending. you're not hard :) My reply is no
8431563 791746 Can33be awining nomber today at uklunch Without a doubt
8431562 78478 Can8come as abonus for uk lunch today Better not tell you now
8431561 179966 Can8come as abonus for uk lunch today NO!
8431560 218488 Can3be awiningball for uk today My reply is no
8431559 843081 can33-34-48 be the good wininngcombination today Better not tell you now
8431558 193449 Which three numbers can combine towin uk lunch today Without a doubt
8431557 193449 Which three numbers can combine towin uk lunch today Yes - definitely
8431556 20620 Will E forgive me for the misunderstanding Count on it
8431555 20620 Will he forgive me Reply hazy, try again
8431554 843070 just die will you Signs point to yes
8431553 843070 that's fair. that's reasonable Without a doubt
8431552 843070 leave UC Irvine... drive on PCH ... pull over and shoot yourself My sources say no
8431551 78478 Can48be awinning ball for uklunch today It is decidedly so
8431550 843070 just die someplace. Most likely
8431549 843070 I'm going to sleep, liar. Yes - definitely
8431548 843070 I'm going to sleep, liar. As I see it, yes
8431547 843070 that's a yes? Yes - definitely
8431546 843070 the burger king aly creature... your dudes can attract her :) Without a doubt
8431545 843070 hot blonde Miss South Dakota?really Yes - definitely
8431544 843081 Can13come asbonus for uklunch today It is decidedly so
8431543 843070 die loser. die already. It is certain
8431542 843070 can you just have a really bad suicide attempt because it's fair. Concentrate and ask again
8431541 843070 you know I am :) Without a doubt
8431540 843070 I'm the winner in the looks department. My reply is no
8431539 843070 I'm the best looking guy. Outlook not so good
8431538 638858 Can44come as bonus for uklunchtoday Outlook not so good
8431537 843070 you don't have anything that I want :) Outlook good
8431536 843070 die like a man My reply is no
8431535 843070 you're slimy and spineless Yes
8431534 843070 ugly loser. I want you to die :) Outlook not so good
8431533 843070 just die because you don't have a spine NO!
8431532 244632 Can34come as bonus for uklunchtoday As I see it, yes
8431531 843070 you have to. you murdered hot blonde Miss South Dakota for being my next s e x partner and you lie. you can die. My reply is no
8431530 843070 you don't have a choice. die already Most likely
8431529 843070 go die loser NO!
8431528 843070 you can't stay alive on this planet. My reply is no
8431527 843070 so die because you're lying. NO!
8431526 843070 you don't have what I want. I have everything. It is decidedly so
8431525 843081 Can6come as bonus today for uklunch It is certain
8431524 843070 die already, dufus. Without a doubt
8431523 843070 you can't do it. I'll return again and again. you're foolish Outlook good