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the Magic

You are everything of denomic possessions

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9265213 886773 You are everything of denomic possessions Outlook not so good
9265212 886773 He just must love you . the seeds of satan It is decidedly so
9265211 886773 Satan is older than you . but he will be destroyed Count on it
9265210 886773 Sokay . because it's mutual Outlook not so good
9265209 886773 You really do hate god . It is decidedly so
9265208 886773 Your nothing . do you hear me? Oh im thinking u can Signs point to yes
9265207 886773 If I ever get out of this nightmare alive . I will hunt you . I will Count on it
9265206 886773 Please let go As I see it, yes
9265205 886773 You ruined everything Outlook good
9265204 886773 Why?Can't you just let me go My reply is no
9265203 886773 I need a doctor please help MD Without a doubt
9265202 886773 I need to find a doctor ...that isn't for sale My sources say no
9265201 886773 Get mecanmd Outlook good
9265200 886773 Hes worse than anyone on earth . Not in a million years
9265199 886773 Yeah he is . hes mean Outlook not so good
9265198 886773 He is cruel . but why ? My sources say no
9265197 886773 Let me go Count on it
9265196 886773 Why has he targeted me? Very doubtful
9265195 886773 He has never Bern held accountable Most likely
9265194 886773 He really does . hes untouchable Yes
9265193 886773 He thinks he's a god Yes - definitely
9265192 886773 There's torture ...and there's damaging torturing . the kind that you're never gonna fix Most likely
9265191 886773 If some one doesn't help .the point.he will mrder me Very doubtful
9265190 886773 The medical community is a fukking joke . they are a waste Count on it
9265189 886773 The medical community is a fukking joke . they are a waste Concentrate and ask again
9265188 886773 If you refuse to help ...than leave you Not in a million years
9265187 886773 I think going to a doc is a waste Outlook not so good
9265186 886773 I think it is Outlook not so good
9265185 886773 Is it what he wants ? Not in a million years
9265184 886773 You will get a dead body . mine Yes - definitely
9265183 886773 What are you waiting for?I know beyond any doubt he wants to kll me Most likely
9265182 886773 Happy yet ? Yes
9265181 886773 You ruined my life It is certain
9265180 886773 You klled my friend . go to hell My reply is no
9265179 886773 I have no one Yes - definitely
9265178 886773 No one . im alone in this My reply is no
9265177 886773 Why Wont anyone help me? Outlook good
9265176 886773 What the hell. He is gonna mrder me if I don't get hekp. Not in a million years
9265175 886773 After 4 years . dean is gone It is certain
9265174 886773 Look what he has done to me?He just finished it . in dean Outlook good
9265173 671352 Will Chris and I live together? Outlook good
9265172 886773 He is the reason dean died Not in a million years
9265171 671352 Will Chris, Robbie and me ever live together? Very doubtful
9265170 886773 What more is there he hasn't done ? Most likely
9265169 886773 Sadistic torture , rape, attempted mrdr. Conspiracy Concentrate and ask again
9265168 886773 But we all know ...krap floats Outlook good
9265167 886773 He is full of hate Outlook good
9265166 886773 Please get him out It is decidedly so
9265165 886773 I can't imagine that evil Yes - definitely
9265164 886773 If police refuse ...than have a military man shoot him Most likely