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the Magic

You can't handle me .

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9265244 886773 You can't handle me . Reply hazy, try again
9265243 886773 You know it. Let's play Roman capture girl As I see it, yes
9265242 886773 Your submissive to me. The only power . is im your obsession It is certain
9265241 886773 I feel pity for you NO!
9265240 886773 I feel pity for you Concentrate and ask again
9265239 886773 You runined America . Me. Everything Yes - definitely
9265238 941815 do you just want sissy to get a spanking nothing more Outlook good
9265237 941815 do you just want sissy to get a spanking Signs point to yes
9265236 886773 Cant stop it. As I see it, yes
9265235 886773 Cant stop it. Concentrate and ask again
9265234 886773 One day ...I know . I just think I shall Very doubtful
9265233 941815 should sissy also spank her inner thighs As I see it, yes
9265232 886773 You taught me. That patience pays off Yes - definitely
9265231 941815 should sissy also spank her thighs My reply is no
9265230 941815 do you want sissy to be on camera tonight. do you also want her balls spanked Yes
9265229 886773 I play the game . you are my game Count on it
9265228 941815 do you want sissy to be on camera tonight and spank her ass more than sand her cock It is certain
9265227 941815 do you want sissy to be on camera tonight and spank her ass Without a doubt
9265226 941815 do you want sissy to be on camera tonight Yes - definitely
9265225 886773 I know things about you . things that would terrify u It is decidedly so
9265224 886773 God told me . I can still hear Yes
9265223 886773 Lmao are possessed . god knows Yes - definitely
9265222 886773 Isnt it lovely ...that death gods deal . you being you . I'd be scardy Ask again later
9265221 886773 You have no idea. If I were you? I'd beg like the dog you are Yes - definitely
9265220 886773 Burn eternally in hell Signs point to yes
9265219 886773 Nazi ...its you Yes
9265218 886773 Roman gonna be the 666 Signs point to yes
9265217 886773 You really are targeted . God really has put 666 upon you Yes
9265216 886773 God healed everything you ruined As I see it, yes
9265215 886773 You come by your evil , very easy. Because you are pathetic. Weak Yes - definitely
9265214 886773 No chip needed for u demon . you are a natural demon . you arec Not in a million years
9265213 886773 You are everything of denomic possessions Outlook not so good
9265212 886773 He just must love you . the seeds of satan It is decidedly so
9265211 886773 Satan is older than you . but he will be destroyed Count on it
9265210 886773 Sokay . because it's mutual Outlook not so good
9265209 886773 You really do hate god . It is decidedly so
9265208 886773 Your nothing . do you hear me? Oh im thinking u can Signs point to yes
9265207 886773 If I ever get out of this nightmare alive . I will hunt you . I will Count on it
9265206 886773 Please let go As I see it, yes
9265205 886773 You ruined everything Outlook good
9265204 886773 Why?Can't you just let me go My reply is no
9265203 886773 I need a doctor please help MD Without a doubt
9265202 886773 I need to find a doctor ...that isn't for sale My sources say no
9265201 886773 Get mecanmd Outlook good
9265200 886773 Hes worse than anyone on earth . Not in a million years
9265199 886773 Yeah he is . hes mean Outlook not so good
9265198 886773 He is cruel . but why ? My sources say no
9265197 886773 Let me go Count on it
9265196 886773 Why has he targeted me? Very doubtful
9265195 886773 He has never Bern held accountable Most likely