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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
7969392 243174 Was he telling the truth when he said that he wanted to be my man again? It is certain
7969391 243174 Will he get me something for my birthday? Without a doubt
7969390 243174 Is he at work? Outlook good
7969389 215623 Do im gonna pass an exam Outlook good
7969388 113191 Is she my dad's biological daughter Count on it
7969387 219134 i am. ..Getting a new Stove, Bedroom Carpet, All new paint, New Flooring in Kitchen,Dining, Living and Hallway...New Lights, Bathroom Remodel (New vanity) New Windows, New Patio Door. Yes
7969386 219134 i am..extremely excited Count on it
7969385 72556 sofio ili rusata s golemite cici Without a doubt
7969384 219134 the light..light wood...its gonna be stunning. As I see it, yes
7969383 219134 were you in the know? My reply is no
7969382 219134 i am sooo happy Count on it
7969381 219134 yeah...i'm excited Yes - definitely
7969380 219134 YES!!!it is...its very very light. Super beautiful Without a doubt
7969379 219134 very light wood flooring is going in NO!
7969378 219134 i am sooo excited. Most likely
7969377 219134 i'll see better outside. Not in a million years
7969376 219134 they will rip out..the french doors...and put in ...a massive sliding glass door Outlook good
7969375 219134 new everything It is certain
7969374 219134 yeah...they will be very light colored...sooo beautiful It is decidedly so
7969373 219134 hard wood floors. Yeeah My reply is no
7969372 219134 its gonna be beautiful here As I see it, yes
7969371 219134 :) its a wonderful the plaza Count on it
7969370 868113 Will I have access to my funds on credit card today Signs point to yes
7969369 219134 exciting things happening here Signs point to yes
7969365 359862 Will God surprise, shock, and bless me to win the entire Powerball Jackpot tonight? It is certain
7969364 359862 Will God surprise, shock, and bless me to win the entire Powerball Jackpot tonight? Reply hazy, try again
7969363 120347 Will we work out and stay together Yes - definitely
7969362 219134 I don't. No more I am ok It is decidedly so
7969361 219134 do you want me need you? Cannot predict now
7969360 219134 are you angry? My sources say no
7969359 219134 i know you intervened...had you not?...i'd be either very sick..or dead. Signs point to yes
7969358 219134 I would be dead Ask again later
7969357 219134 had you not inserted that chip...i would have died by now. (or would have...had..serious cancer) Reply hazy, try again
7969356 219134 i the just wanted to ...keep me you called the "shots"...literally ...and it worked. Count on it
7969355 219134 inserted a was the ONLY save my life. I know that. Without a doubt
7969354 862426 Will Darryl and I end up together? Count on it
7969353 219134 there was a were helpless. You truly were LOST...and couldn't ..."reach" me. No matter how couldn't. Outlook not so good
7969352 862426 Will I end up together with Darryl after all these years? Concentrate and ask again
7969351 862426 Will I marry Darryl? Ask again later
7969350 219134 you talk a lot my ear. Always near. Scared in a way..i'll...vanish again Not in a million years
7969349 219134 I know how to reach into you. Not using force. Yes - definitely
7969348 219134 you are scared of me. You know..I am the ONE woman...that has the ability to hurt you. It is certain
7969347 219134 yes.I learned..there are ways..of reaching you. Without a doubt
7969346 219134 you are FREE to mess around...get fuked...but...they'll never "touch" you...Never. As I see it, yes
7969345 219134 only i could. But i choose not to. NO!
7969344 219134 i know ways to thaw you I just do Without a doubt
7969343 219134 you are a very cold man. Yes - definitely
7969342 219134 you use this attack ...using food. To make people...very sick..and fat. ...why? ..are jealous of them? Signs point to yes
7969341 219134 you really must...hate hurt innocent people...that never hurt you Outlook not so good
7969340 219134 ok...but..this...control..issue you got...needs to end. Concentrate and ask again