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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8286235 731572 Will Millie and I be together again? My reply is no
8286234 731572 Will Millie move in with me? As I see it, yes
8286233 9330 will I get good news about my taxes Monday? As I see it, yes
8286232 9330 will Heather get approved for DVR services? Yes
8286231 786866 Will family get the announcements by february 26,2019 Yes - definitely
8286230 9330 will i get in trouble for 5 minute call? Without a doubt
8286229 731572 Will Millie move in with me? It is decidedly so
8286228 731572 Will Millie and I be back together? Very doubtful
8286227 9330 will Heather get approved by DVR again? Not in a million years
8286226 9330 will i get good news about my taxes on Monday? NO!
8286225 961702 Will Olga keep making love to me It is certain
8286224 961702 Will I get divorce from Bel My sources say no
8286223 961702 Thelma do you want me with Olga Yes - definitely
8286222 663022 Should I masterbate tonight Without a doubt
8286221 118117 Do I wear panties Outlook not so good
8286220 118117 Am I inadequate Without a doubt
8286219 118117 Am I less than a man Very doubtful
8286218 118117 Is my cock big Signs point to yes
8286217 118117 Is my cock small Outlook not so good
8286216 118117 Did I please yoh Outlook good
8286215 209214 Is he going to text me It is decidedly so
8286214 505475 My mistress at dominatwomen bsdmail It is decidedly so
8286213 209214 Is ka interested in me Signs point to yes
8286212 118117 Am I a pervert It is certain
8286209 505475 Cant look today, have fun have to finish and go. Yes - definitely
8286207 118117 Mistress not there I want to suffer Yes
8286206 209214 Will he date Keisha It is decidedly so
8286205 209214 Is ka just concerned that we work together My reply is no
8286204 118117 Did you see me in my lingerie Most likely
8286203 209214 Will d date me Most likely
8286202 209214 Does d think about me Most likely
8286201 209214 Does he think about me Signs point to yes
8286200 209214 Does he want to have any relationship with me Not in a million years
8286199 209214 Does he like Keisha from work It is certain
8286198 209214 Does ka likes me Without a doubt
8286197 505475 What a good grandmother. Not in a million years
8286196 505475 Should I beat my meat to cindys bikini and bum pictures? Signs point to yes
8286195 505475 Sorry wife was close had to hide phone. My sources say no
8286194 786866 My grandson will become a doctor lawyer or engineer someday Outlook good
8286193 786866 I will never tell a soul unless I die Better not tell you now
8286192 786866 I will put up a mutual fund for my grandson that will grow for his college fund Without a doubt
8286191 786866 Will ms tee get money soon real money Signs point to yes
8286190 118117 Back of body Very doubtful
8286189 786866 Will my daughter get money soon real money NO!
8286188 118117 Front of body Not in a million years
8286187 118117 Do you have something in mind Yes
8286186 118117 Ruler to slap my balls NO!
8286185 118117 My bum hole now My sources say no
8286184 118117 Is that OK As I see it, yes
8286183 118117 Pegs on nipples Signs point to yes