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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
7928629 219134 why is he...sooo hate filled? Ask again later
7928628 219134 why does he feel sooo much hate for em? As I see it, yes
7928627 219134 yes or he the controller? Most likely
7928626 219134 is my attacker...tom? Concentrate and ask again
7928625 219134 is it Eric? the jew? Yes
7928624 219134 Is it John? he is the hate ? NO!
7928623 219134 Is John the German? Count on it
7928622 219134 is John the italian? My reply is no
7928621 219134 why? it a threat?...from...John?...he will kill..if someone ..tries to fight him?? As I see it, yes
7928620 219134 you know the controller...and nothing. I'm because of him. And one helps to stop him. Outlook good
7928619 219134 and as for YOU blondie? are no saint. You aren't. As I see it, yes
7928618 219134 and sh*T also...drives Jetta's Ask again later
7928617 219134 it is*T does drive BMW My reply is no
7928616 219134 is his hate...aimed at me...because he never was good enough? It is certain
7928615 219134 predict?...don't give a fukng dumb reply Count on it
7928614 219134 his taking a my me...stealing...robbing...torturing...he really has this hate for me...but i don't know why Cannot predict now
7928613 219134 ..murder was his aim..and goal. He must..truly..hate me. soo ..murder me Without a doubt
7928612 219134 i am curious..had he known.?...would things had been different? My reply is no
7928611 219134 guess "Prophecy" isn't his talent. It is decidedly so
7928610 711375 Will I ever play on the UCF Men's Tennis Team? It is certain
7928609 219134 aimed at me. Outlook good
7928608 219134 yes..he is my teacher...HE/SHE taught me hate. It is certain
7928607 219134 i never knew true hate...till him My sources say no
7928606 147043 Lucky number for today My reply is no
7928605 959903 does Parker Zip have a nice butt Most likely
7928604 959903 does Mark Locuson have a nice butt Very doubtful
7928603 959903 Does Zachary Cornatzer have a big butt Better not tell you now
7928602 959903 does Zachary Cornatzer have a nice butt Count on it
7928601 697003 Do I have a crush on my best friend? Outlook good
7928600 219134 its NO secret..not now. Everyone knows. I'm still big deal yet. But..amputation?...its not good Not in a million years
7928599 443188 Lmk if you want anything while I'm in class Most likely
7928598 219134 It is certain
7928597 219134 better be praying...i survive.. IF i police will be knocking on YOUR door. My reply is no
7928596 219134 can i wait...until Monday? Very doubtful
7928594 219134 its midnight...Sunday should be alright..till i get in? Not in a million years
7928593 219134 if i get blood poisoning?...can this wait..till monday? Most likely
7928592 219134 turn gangrene first? It is decidedly so
7928591 219134 no code...its black now. ..i have to now worry about...gangrene? ..and blood poisoning? Yes - definitely
7928590 219134 anyway...onto another question. ... how long ..till...gangrene sets in? Yes - definitely
7928589 219134 you wanted power and will die because of it. As I see it, yes
7928588 219134 Most men?...that MURDER women?...end up dead. Most likely
7928587 219134 you will die. No escaping it. Most likely
7928586 219134 Run ...seriously...start your plans...I can pretty guarantee...YOU will be a featured...on "America's Most Wanted" ...they will hunt you. they hunt an animal gone rabid. But...if you are smart? will die of a self inflicted gun shot to head It is decidedly so
7928585 219134 someone out there...KNOWS. Game over. Your streak of ...crime...runs out. Signs point to yes
7928584 270038 Will it turn out like my dec drive 2 mtk? Most likely
7928583 219134 right have escape...detection..and the police. It won't be forever WHEN I die...these crimes against you...will escalate to MURDER. Outlook not so good
7928582 270038 Will I get more answers about the travel plan? Yes
7928581 270038 Will I get more info about my trip plans! Reply hazy, try again
7928580 219134 Sadistic murderers?...die. It is decidedly so
7928579 270038 Does he believe in unconditional? Yes