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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8325599 505475 Will it be a good day? Signs point to yes
8325598 505475 Will it be a good day? Concentrate and ask again
8325597 505475 Qill they cuckhold me? As I see it, yes
8325596 505475 Will i know it is one? It is decidedly so
8325595 505475 Will he be one of my doms? Signs point to yes
8325594 505475 Will sally have her own lover? Signs point to yes
8325593 505475 Should i beat my little worthless worm hard and stop beforehand? Concentrate and ask again
8325592 505475 Should i service them both? Without a doubt
8325591 505475 Shiukd i meet the alpha from Syracuse? It is certain
8325590 505475 Should i meet the dom from binghamton? Count on it
8325589 809815 Did the Publishers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol select me as the Grand Prize winner today? NO!
8325588 809815 Will God come through for me today? Signs point to yes
8325587 809815 Will God come through for me today? Ask again later
8325586 205973 U sure I shouldn’t ? Yes
8325585 205973 Should I wank tonight My reply is no
8325584 951242 Will Millie try to come back to me again? Count on it
8325583 951242 Will Millie attempt to come back to me? NO!
8325582 951242 Is my name Jeff? Count on it
8325581 951242 Does Millie miss me? Very doubtful
8325580 951242 Will Millie try to come back to me? My reply is no
8325579 790111 will i win pa lottery today Ask again later
8325578 299991 Tell hijvttabttcptblt Outlook not so good
8325577 299991 Tell htsmtwhx Signs point to yes
8325576 299991 Tell htspdmtwx Ask again later
8325575 299991 Tell hjbzwwk Count on it
8325574 923769 Will I get a bridge today ? Count on it
8325573 299991 Ask httlfwk Not in a million years
8325572 923769 Will I be able to speak normally ? My sources say no
8325571 923769 Will they fix my teeth today? It is certain
8325570 231559 yes or no ? As I see it, yes
8325569 985871 Fabiola walla cries night hell causes omw, Fabiola believes omw won't leave me alone My sources say no
8325568 985871 Fabiola walla cries night hell causes omw Outlook good
8325567 281594 is uncle George going to ring you tonight when he gets home without tine being there As I see it, yes
8325566 281594 is uncle George going to tell that he has the money for you at home Yes - definitely
8325565 281594 is uncle George going to get upset when you tell him that Nicole rang Most likely
8325564 281594 is theio George waiting for your phone call regarding the car My sources say no
8325563 118815 Will Bita die anytime soon? Count on it
8325562 118815 Will Bita die? Outlook good
8325561 584598 I made my Lucy with her Yes - definitely
8325560 584598 that one that looks like bridget fonda Cannot predict now
8325559 548355 Does Jeffery have feelings for me? Most likely
8325558 584598 I attracted that hottest blonde cashier at the walmart Very doubtful
8325557 345767 God Bless and Good Night to you as well, 77! Thank you for being an amazing person! Signing off to get some rest.. My reply is no
8325556 345767 Absolutely - think back to all the good times you had with him. Don't forget to always remember them. Whenever you do decide to catch some Zs,I hope that you have only peaceful and happy dreams tonight! Ask again later
8325555 774532 God Bless..and Good Night 34...and Good Night Angel Dean. ...sweet dreams. bye Better not tell you now
8325554 774532 (((Hugs))) thank you ….. are you aren't an angel? are a wonderful comfort right onw. I needed to just remember how sweet and amazing he was. I need to let him go. but...not sooo much he cant' visit. :) Count on it
8325553 345767 You are welcome, 77! He sounded like a wonderful person. I have a good feeling his spirit will always be there to watch over and protect you, his mom and his sister too My reply is no
8325552 774532 thank you 34...for making me...feel better. I miss Dean. He could be my angel now. Sure hope so Without a doubt
8325551 345767 I wouldn't be surprised if he was :) Yes
8325550 774532 oh 34? I sure hope so...he sure loved God. ...maybe he is angel now?? Not in a million years