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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8225345 287053 Should I s w a o f s b I w n t a v v s b w a a t b v v w p? Signs point to yes
8225344 287053 Would r t a t t t p t m o d g c h I w f? It is certain
8225343 287053 Is t r a e l a o m I p f b r n? Count on it
8225342 287053 Did h r l t m w h s I I p? Most likely
8225341 287053 Will w g t d t t w ? Very doubtful
8225340 287053 Will w g t g t g t a p u at l a o m? NO!
8225339 287053 Will w h t g t t b I g t f r? Very doubtful
8225338 287053 Will w b g m o d e t? Concentrate and ask again
8225337 287053 Will w g t m b I e t? Yes
8225336 287053 Will w g t v l w w a w f v s? Count on it
8225335 287053 Will t g b f u t ? Most likely
8225334 629776 yeah. i'm picky. Yes - definitely
8225333 629776 a Man who LOVES truely loves..his MOM. and women. and can see...the truth. Not blinded by his dad's HATE. My reply is no
8225332 629776 i hope meet a good man...that has...a GOOD ..mother..and Father...a man never abused or told...who he can and can't love. Most likely
8225331 629776 the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. A rotten still a rotten apple. And so is its..."father" Without a doubt
8225329 629776 they destroyed thier own children. Their boys. are garbage. Without a doubt
8225328 629776 some men..should NEVER have had kids. Yes - definitely
8225326 629776 its a Mommy thing or his DAD...hated women. And he grew up to also HATE women As I see it, yes
8225324 629776 i am tired of being abused. I cant' STAND that controller he is demonic. Yes
8225323 629776 horrible. I wish it werent so. But it is. Ask again later
8225321 629776 its a NAZI thing. It is decidedly so
8225319 629776 its true. only a true...retard...can't see the truth. NO!
8225318 757187 Would aptmtyr Count on it
8225317 629776 the ONLY good man taht EVER lived or walked this earth...was JESUS. He was it. Outlook not so good
8225315 629776 its not always a blond thing. its an Ethnic thing. NO!
8225313 629776 Yeah it is. Germans are KNOWN for their stupidity. And their hate. Most likely
8225312 629776 or a German kinda thing. NO!
8225311 629776 its a Dumb Blond kinda thing. (guys) moreso than women. Better not tell you now
8225310 629776 so...i bet i'm right. I bet..."Daddy" never loved their mother. And "kid"...grew up...with a skewed...view of women. BECAUSE of Dad. Some men...think for themselves...but SOME? ..are too blond. LOL...or German. kinda dumb. Without a doubt
8225309 629776 men will identify with the ONLY thing they know. ...if its HATE..(from a father figure) than that is what they will do. Its ...called ..teaching a HATE women. (his mother) Not in a million years
8225308 629776 its sad. but some girls are nice..and kind...but become complete b*tches..becauuse of abuse. They are HATE men. As I see it, yes
8225307 629776 i'm not talking about..."mentally ill" i'm talking about true GARBAGE Signs point to yes
8225306 629776 soem pathetic loser girl...will feed a man and his ego...because they themselves...are losers. they attract the type of sh*t they are. Outlook good
8225305 629776 i dont like ...MOST men. Most guys..are trash. its true. Full of evil...and hate. Not in a million years
8225304 629776 yeah...i know and see a lot more...than you think i do. I know men. Outlook good
8225303 629776 yeah it does. They all want a child. but not the ..."fat" wife...with baby. :) but they WANT that child. OR do they? mmm..makes ya wonder Very doubtful
8225302 629776 MOST men dont realize a baby? makes a woman fat. ...dumb fuks men... My reply is no
8225301 629776 most MEN...are truly Garbage. Its true. VERY few are ..."good' The good ons..are taken. .. Cannot predict now
8225300 629776 am i doing so far? I"m "crazy' BUT I'M smart. Without a doubt
8225299 629776 he has mommy issues. Perhaps...divorced family. Mom was and out..with lots of other men. OR..Dad...abused mom. And ..the kid..grew up...hating women. Because...DAD..hated mom. Outlook good
8225298 629776 i kinda have an a WHITE man. with a lot of hate..and power. He is sadistic. Count on it
8225297 629776 you know i'm right m8 ...they NEVER get caught. No one reports them. Cannot predict now
8225296 629776 yeah they are. (they just never get caught) My reply is no
8225295 629776 Most serial killers..and rapists..are white men My sources say no
8225294 629776 its true. Its always...UGLY white boys...that think more highly of themselves..than they should. Cannot predict now
8225293 629776 yeah. they RUIN lives. Its sick. Most likely
8225292 629776 i'm not for abortion...but...i wonder. Its just..some kids...are demonic. They grow up to be evil. My reply is no
8225291 629776 and its sad. Some guys..dont deserve to live. So abusive and evil. A life ..that truly should have not been allowed to ...go on. NO!
8225290 629776 I see that boy...whose mother ...hated him. Tried to kill him. He survived. Its sad. He shouuld have died. Signs point to yes
8225289 721047 still aint attracting any hot s e x y chicks? Not in a million years