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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8125705 106286 will pf ever really feel safe with anyone besides me a20 My sources say no
8125704 956956 Lyle took off Wednesday feels isolated section yes or no Signs point to yes
8125703 956956 Lyle took off Wednesday feels isolated section tells truth Ask again later
8125702 956956 Lyle took off Wednesday no employees both tells truth My sources say no
8125701 956956 Lyle took off Wednesday because talked too much tells truth My reply is no
8125700 956956 Lyle took off Wednesday because talked too much My sources say no
8125699 162755 Am I healthy! Will I fall back asleep Yes - definitely
8125698 757187 Would axai osacer next week Yes
8125697 757187 Would axaizsjw next week Cannot predict now
8125696 954808 Will she tell me? Yes
8125695 954808 Has he messaged her this week? Ask again later
8125694 954808 Did he message her? Signs point to yes
8125693 954808 Was it with cc? Most likely
8125692 954808 Was it with jo?? My sources say no
8125691 954808 Was it while he was with me? Yes
8125689 954808 Has he been talking to someone ? Count on it
8125688 954808 Is there anything I need to worry about? Yes
8125687 954808 Was he telling her he wants her? Reply hazy, try again
8125686 954808 Was it jo? As I see it, yes
8125685 954808 Did he speak to someone? Signs point to yes
8125684 954808 Did he cheat on me Tuesday? Most likely
8125683 954808 Did he go out Tuesday? My sources say no
8125682 954808 Did he go out the other night? Better not tell you now
8125681 954808 Will things get better again? It is decidedly so
8125680 954808 Should I send him a message saying I love him? Not in a million years
8125679 954808 DO WE have a future together? As I see it, yes
8125678 954808 Does he want to be with me? As I see it, yes
8125677 954808 Does he love me? Most likely
8125676 954808 Will he tell the truth? Outlook good
8125675 954808 Will he explain the other night to me? Signs point to yes
8125674 954808 Will he break my heart? My sources say no
8125673 954808 Will he completely break my heart? Concentrate and ask again
8125672 954808 Should I end it? Better not tell you now
8125671 954808 Will he cheat on me? Most likely
8125670 954808 Will he message them again? Yes
8125669 724935 does pf want me to contact her a20 As I see it, yes
8125668 954808 Did he have intentions of cheating on me when he sent those messages? Without a doubt
8125667 724935 does pf want to contact me a20 My sources say no
8125666 954808 Should I message him before I go in? Yes - definitely
8125665 629776 will they be able to ...heal it? As I see it, yes
8125664 629776 will they?be able to do a debrediment? Very doubtful
8125663 629776 is that a yes? Count on it
8125662 629776 can they do an out patient...IV therapy? It is certain
8125661 629776 are they going to place me in patient? Yes
8125660 629776 will i be able to avoid being hopitalized? Outlook good
8125659 629776 don't tell anyone (but you are my secret) As I see it, yes
8125658 629776 you are my secret Yes - definitely
8125657 629776 but i know i can learn Yes - definitely
8125656 629776 yeah..i dont know how. As I see it, yes
8125655 629776 i love writing. just not sure how to do it really My reply is no