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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8161807 394017 Should I get a new Camry It is certain
8161806 394017 Can I afford a new car It is decidedly so
8161805 394017 Will I get that Lexus I want Outlook not so good
8161804 394017 Did I roll my eyes at the customer yesterday My reply is no
8161803 602294 does brandon love me Count on it
8161802 15334 Will we make over $300 tomorrow As I see it, yes
8161801 15334 Am i up for part long service at current job It is decidedly so
8161800 15334 Will I get a local job Most likely
8161799 15334 Should I look for a local job As I see it, yes
8161798 435784 Is 1337 for me? My sources say no
8161797 140851 I as going to ask the people at wine place if it could help with cramps I herd I just want ask if it works how they do it NO!
8161796 908220 Will my car make it to the cities? It is certain
8161795 908220 Will my car make it to the cities and back? Very doubtful
8161794 908220 Will my son Call tomorrow? Most likely
8161793 2599 My meat, should i beat it? Signs point to yes
8161792 761584 Will Louis text me today? My sources say no
8161791 761584 Will element ai offer me a job on tuesday or wednesday? Yes - definitely
8161790 761584 Will the pay at psp and element ai be the exact same? Signs point to yes
8161789 761584 Will element ai pay me more? Not in a million years
8161788 761584 Will psp pay me more than element ai? My reply is no
8161787 761584 Will the pay be better at psp? It is certain
8161786 761584 Will Ryan contact me on tuesday? Yes - definitely
8161785 761584 Will i get the job at psp? Count on it
8161784 761584 Will i get a job at psp? Reply hazy, try again
8161783 761584 Will I get a job at element ai? As I see it, yes
8161782 956645 Will Pinkrainbowkisses comeback to Similar Worlds Without a doubt
8161781 981353 Does she love me Yes
8161780 933306 should I beat my meat NO!
8161779 981353 Does she like me Count on it
8161778 981353 Does she hate me Outlook not so good
8161777 200989 Am I embarrassed telling my dad that I'm bisexual? My reply is no
8161776 483779 Will I h s h c s m t w a w b o f ? Outlook good
8161775 483779 He I h t w h b h d w t s m w a b o g t? Better not tell you now
8161774 483779 He k h I g t g a v l s o m t a h w t s m b g s a b a w b o f b I g u? Outlook not so good
8161773 874688 Will he pursue me Signs point to yes
8161772 874688 Will david try something funny My sources say no
8161771 982087 are you lying Very doubtful
8161770 982087 Did I s v t Signs point to yes
8161769 281594 is theo Giannopoulos going to be a the resurrection of warrior tonight As I see it, yes
8161768 106286 is pf going to try to get back together with me sometime within the next month Most likely
8161767 106286 will pf try to get back together with me sometime within the next month Reply hazy, try again
8161766 106286 does pf want to talk to me now Outlook good
8161765 106286 will i f e on tuesday Signs point to yes
8161764 106286 will i f mk f t Count on it
8161763 106286 will i f mk Concentrate and ask again
8161762 106286 will pf contact me sometime within the next week Not in a million years
8161761 483779 Will t b m o d I h b a b n a m t? Very doubtful
8161760 483779 Will h w u t m o d I h b a t? My sources say no
8161759 483779 Will h g m a m o d t? Cannot predict now
8161758 483779 Is h a c a m m? It is decidedly so