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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8035137 43173 She a winner It is decidedly so
8035136 43173 Will she be mine and go 4 it Very doubtful
8035135 43173 Loyal to me It is certain
8035134 541970 Will she be upset wenI tell her no? Yes - definitely
8035133 541970 Will she ask me if I did it? Signs point to yes
8035132 541970 Will bs contact me toorrow? My sources say no
8035131 541970 Are my expectations too high? Outlook not so good
8035130 541970 Will I get at least 20 signups tomorrow? It is certain
8035129 541970 Will I soon be a multimillionaire? Yes
8035128 541970 Will I ever be well off? Yes - definitely
8035127 541970 Will I be by the end of this year? My sources say no
8035126 541970 Will I be financially set for life very soon? My sources say no
8035125 541970 Will all my work and effort finally start paying off? Without a doubt
8035124 541970 Will these three companies work out for me? Outlook good
8035123 541970 Will it be the first of many? Most likely
8035122 541970 Will I get a huge check in te mail from Martin tomorrow? Ask again later
8035121 541970 Will I make at least $100 total tomorrow? Most likely
8035120 541970 Will I get some paid sign ups tomorrow for all 3 companies? Outlook good
8035119 541970 will the ads I posted help a whole lot? Yes
8035118 711375 Will I get a “B” on my essay? Yes
8035117 711375 Will I get an “A” on my essay? My sources say no
8035116 17273 Is Cameron happy with me? My reply is no
8035115 809740 Will min spend time It is certain
8035114 809740 Will I make love soon with the right bloke yet It is decidedly so
8035113 809740 Will I make love soon with someone Not in a million years
8035112 809740 So I will come on my period Most likely
8035111 809740 Am I pregnant 4 real NO!
8035110 809740 Am I preggers As I see it, yes
8035109 809740 Am I pregnant yes no Outlook good
8035108 809740 I'm eating a biscuit NO!
8035107 138313 Will everything work out smoothly for Unit 6 Without a doubt
8035102 809740 Hey yes or np It is decidedly so
8035101 410419 should I stop talking to O? Signs point to yes
8035100 809740 Is she pretending right Yes
8035099 809740 She will do it ? Not in a million years
8035098 809740 Right and ... Yes or no tell truth what is answer ? NO!
8035097 809740 Truth now .. Yes ? Outlook good
8035096 541970 Will I still get the Del when she is ready? My reply is no
8035095 809740 Tell me then yes or no NO!
8035094 541970 Will she ever really get the money? Yes
8035093 541970 Will she be mad when I don't? Not in a million years
8035092 541970 Did she really think I was going to show her another house ? Yes - definitely
8035091 809740 Smell u later Very doubtful
8035090 809740 Will I get a sleep Count on it
8035089 809740 Amazing hay?Yes no It is certain
8035088 809740 What sort of word is that It is decidedly so
8035087 138313 Will she keep the weight off Outlook good
8035086 138313 Will Cee look great after surgery My sources say no
8035085 138313 Will she look amazing My reply is no
8035084 138313 Will she have weight loss surgwry It is decidedly so