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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8190754 757187 Would ibm100mify Count on it
8190753 757187 Would ibm 100mlns My sources say no
8190752 770260 I will have a period Count on it
8190751 661354 Should I go to my grandmas funeral? Yes - definitely
8190750 770260 My body is changing Cannot predict now
8190749 140851 I got a new wig I got try on see how it look on me I try on in the rest room NO!
8190748 757187 Should I keep working It is certain
8190747 37853 he knows a trail, a path, from down here to up there ... from up there to down here My reply is no
8190746 37853 the story goes " ' ralph ' used to work at a trading post in hwang hwings... NO!
8190745 37853 after three days of exploring, we'll return Signs point to yes
8190744 37853 moving along then ... but it's that road... that, there Outlook good
8190743 37853 well, it's the danger I'm curious about Without a doubt
8190742 37853 " you are in so much danger ! .. you are in so much danger ! Yes
8190741 37853 as well, living locally, I used a vacuum and the background noise would speak through the vacuum Signs point to yes
8190740 37853 I took offroad video one time ( 2016 ) and the background noise kept saying, screaming " there is death on this road! .. there is death on this road! Cannot predict now
8190739 37853 the " sound " will sometimes feature relevant voices that speak to me My reply is no
8190738 927484 but there is a sound, like a background noise It is certain
8190737 927484 I'm not crazy . nor am I mentally ill Count on it
8190736 441755 Did someone take her in Most likely
8190735 927484 the vehicles will have to park overnight as we explore and take note of the unusual It is decidedly so
8190734 441755 Is she going to come back It is certain
8190733 927484 we can purchase the Jimmy johns sandwiches at the beginning of the day and begin the exploring from the lodging location It is decidedly so
8190732 927484 and while out there I want to eat out aura and bring her to o r g a s m and then hold my Aura and have lunch Not in a million years
8190731 635273 Will I Travel Back in Time To 1985 Los Angeles To Sleep With Donna Dixon Count on it
8190730 927484 it's unexplored and undocumented Count on it
8190729 927484 basically, I believe there's another group of " beings " living over there Reply hazy, try again
8190728 927484 I've found animal tracks Outlook good
8190727 927484 and far out on the elevated flat areas, it seems eerie and the sand rises to the edge Not in a million years
8190726 927484 also, there is massive UFO activity here ... err locally Not in a million years
8190725 927484 I want to collect more information and maybe meet them Outlook not so good
8190724 518945 Alfreda Mosley sleeps now lying It is certain
8190723 927484 I've heard stories from my grammaw about small people... that she used to talk to them Yes - definitely
8190722 518945 Alfreda Mosley sleeps now Yes - definitely
8190721 518945 Alfreda Mosley sleepless now My reply is no
8190720 927484 I betcha ya could climb those without special knowledge Most likely
8190719 927484 where the ground rises steep and angled, " they " have laid Very doubtful
8190718 927484 there are secret passageways over there Outlook good
8190717 927484 there are beings that live locally and in those vertical areas My reply is no
8190716 770260 I am pregnant Not in a million years
8190715 770260 I will have a period Signs point to yes
8190714 927484 these are my theories NO!
8190713 927484 moving on then As I see it, yes
8190712 927484 and you're not ... to be clear Yes
8190711 927484 but you aint Most likely
8190710 927484 gotta attract to be good looking Most likely
8190709 635273 Will I have a Time Machine in my Mansion It is certain
8190708 1039911 do joey have a big d Outlook not so good
8190707 1039911 do dwyane have a big d Outlook good
8190706 1039911 did dwyane give me this ring Concentrate and ask again
8190705 432874 will pf contact me tonight before 10:00 a16 Yes