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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8249366 334949 Send comments Yes - definitely
8249365 437290 Am I healthy? Outlook good
8249364 437290 Is my husband sick ? Signs point to yes
8249363 140393 Does OMawall seeing girl now Not in a million years
8249362 166305 Will e s g w b n I o f s? Cannot predict now
8249361 166305 Will w s g t t d f d c d? Yes
8249360 523495 Does Hakim love me? Count on it
8249359 424187 Hot mumberctomorow As I see it, yes
8249358 424187 Red is it a colour of bonus lunch tomorow Count on it
8249357 424187 Threemagiv ball fall tomorrow lunch time Without a doubt
8249356 602525 Should I jack this car Without a doubt
8249355 602525 Should I jack Count on it
8249354 518940 Are we moving back closer to our family? Count on it
8249353 958047 Is he sad about me My sources say no
8249352 958047 Is he upset that I never replied NO!
8249351 958047 Is he hoping I’ll msg him Not in a million years
8249350 958047 Is he really gona try to convince me to start shain My sources say no
8249349 958047 Will v come back a changed man Without a doubt
8249348 958047 Will I meet the man of my dreams soon Concentrate and ask again
8249347 313910 we can have these together t i n y u r l / y95f9qcf Outlook good
8249346 958047 Will he ask to meet again It is decidedly so
8249345 958047 Is he in love with me Count on it
8249344 958047 Did he fall for me It is decidedly so
8249343 958047 Was he falling for me My reply is no
8249342 958047 Did the whole thing upset him too Outlook good
8249341 313910 Lucy! look at what I found My sources say no
8249340 958047 Is he upset about losing me Yes
8249339 958047 Does he want me back My reply is no
8249338 313910 they're sugar sticks! Ask again later
8249337 958047 Wil v def come back to me Most likely
8249336 313910 you can sell them to the house of hot chicks Without a doubt
8249335 313910 Lucy... they're coming Very doubtful
8249334 313910 right now I've got my Lucy My sources say no
8249333 313910 moving along until I find her again Yes
8249332 313910 I'm going to marry that one Yes - definitely
8249331 313910 I saw her identical twin at the Black Friday walmart Yes - definitely
8249330 313910 I attracted the hottest iranian girl at UC Irvine Concentrate and ask again
8249329 313910 aura is my incredible transforming rat - the ratuh Yes
8249328 683190 It was very frightening Count on it
8249327 683190 It was very frightening walking into that hallway Most likely
8249326 683190 I know ..but I thought so at first glance My sources say no
8249325 683190 I thought someone had been killed Very doubtful
8249324 683190 It was terrifying Yes - definitely
8249323 683190 It was terrifying Reply hazy, try again
8249322 683190 It was severe ! It was extreme NO!
8249321 683190 I can't believe the things they walk into ! I got a taste !...but I don't ever want that again Very doubtful
8249320 683190 Fire fighters are amazing Signs point to yes
8249319 166305 Is e g t b f n t c? Ask again later
8249318 166305 Is m m d a w a s w m t t s I? Count on it
8249317 958047 Has he looked me up on ig Cannot predict now