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the Magic

anyway... a movie

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8247468 404767 anyway... a movie As I see it, yes
8247467 166305 Will w h a m m c t l y? Signs point to yes
8247466 404767 take excedrin red line if it's too much for you Very doubtful
8247465 404767 mai is stuck with her monkey Outlook good
8247464 404767 sasha gray dennys isn't turned on either. Outlook good
8247463 404767 your ugly boy is ugly to the maala allen pixie Concentrate and ask again
8247462 404767 there's a monkey in there Cannot predict now
8247461 404767 you can drive by the rear and throw it at the door Signs point to yes
8247460 404767 if you see mai the waitress, throw the old spice kraken gaard bottle at her Outlook good
8247459 404767 wear your sugar cookie on your head As I see it, yes
8247458 404767 I spit on you It is decidedly so
8247457 404767 have you ever seen a dog smash its dog bowl with a paw Signs point to yes
8247456 404767 she's younger and hotter than you Yes - definitely
8247455 404767 I've forgotten about you, mai, with my The Latest and Greatest My reply is no
8247454 404767 my focus right now is my The Latest and Greatest Not in a million years
8247453 404767 they're not s e x y to her It is certain
8247452 404767 sasha gray doesn't want them As I see it, yes
8247451 404767 they can't attract sasha gray at the Denny's Very doubtful
8247450 404767 mai... do you still serve them water in cups :) Outlook good
8247449 404767 they're all gonna climb into the millennium falcon and blast off ! Better not tell you now
8247448 404767 his face can't carry them across the divide Concentrate and ask again
8247447 404767 does the mandarin gardens belong to him and his skinny little mexicans now Outlook not so good
8247446 404767 I'm still not m a s t u r b a t i n g over him :) Most likely
8247444 404767 it's his face and body huh Cannot predict now
8247443 404767 are you in love or something Outlook good
8247442 404767 don mousel's mexican nephew does it for a living Ask again later
8247441 404767 he wants to collect their s h i t with his mouth Signs point to yes
8247440 404767 hey, mai, some shanty town with mudhomes and night soil collectors called... they want their boy back ! * guffaws * ( your iranian in the orange vest ). Most likely
8247439 404767 I want my s h i t to actually work! Very doubtful
8247438 757187 Start mfrbflz It is decidedly so
8247437 757187 Start dflz Without a doubt
8247436 404767 hey, 3 S e x y babies, use Miss South Dakota and bless charge my handkeys with miss SD energy and remove the ugly boy mexican Signs point to yes
8247435 404767 I'm still moving back to rapid city and I'm going to attract hot chicks for s e x again Count on it
8247434 404767 awww ... f u h k k off My reply is no
8247433 404767 it'll never eat out a hot chick Count on it
8247432 404767 it doesn't attract Very doubtful
8247431 404767 it's his face Outlook good
8247430 404767 mai your loser is ugly Very doubtful
8247429 7184 will i find the right person for me sometime within the next year Not in a million years
8247428 7184 will pf and i get back together with each other Outlook not so good
8247427 7184 will v and i still be together in 2019 NO!
8247426 697595 I gotta big d i c k As I see it, yes
8247425 315014 Does GJ like JM? Count on it
8247424 315014 Does GJ like JM? Reply hazy, try again
8247423 315014 Do I like GJ? It is decidedly so
8247422 315014 Does GJ like me? NO!
8247421 315014 Do I like G? Very doubtful
8247420 315014 Does JM like G? NO!
8247419 315014 Does G like JM? Yes - definitely
8247418 663503 My check is more then $40 Cannot predict now