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the Magic

Are w a t g a o m?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8302407 249149 Are w a t g a o m? Outlook not so good
8302406 249149 Will w b s t f r w n s s I w h t f a j o g o d? Most likely
8302405 249149 Will I g t a I a s v s? Very doubtful
8302404 249149 Is h g t t m s? Very doubtful
8302403 249149 Is t w h s t? Not in a million years
8302402 249149 Did b a w t h l j p? Yes
8302401 249149 Did h a w t l? Concentrate and ask again
8302400 249149 Will I g d I I a f I? Yes - definitely
8302399 249149 Should I a f d? Very doubtful
8302398 249149 Would I b e f d n? Signs point to yes
8302397 249149 Will I b e f x n? Reply hazy, try again
8302396 803948 will we win the lottery tonight Most likely
8302395 191996 State farm insurance mail me out letter yesterday,yes or no, lying Count on it
8302394 191996 State farm insurance mail me out letter yesterday,yes or no Not in a million years
8302393 191996 State farm insurance mail me out letter yesterday Ask again later
8302392 191996 State farm insurance mail me letter Ask again later
8302391 9330 will i have good news from child support later today? My sources say no
8302390 191996 Omw hope me visited Signs point to yes
8302389 249149 Did g g m a m o d I h b a y? Signs point to yes
8302388 230446 Post special promotion Outlook good
8302387 765864 Is he worth my time? Without a doubt
8302386 765864 Is he worth my time? Concentrate and ask again
8302385 765864 Will I get proof? Signs point to yes
8302384 765864 Is it someone I know? Yes - definitely
8302383 765864 Is there someone else? It is decidedly so
8302382 765864 Does he love me? Count on it
8302381 765864 Is he cheating? Better not tell you now
8302380 765864 Does he know I'm serious? Very doubtful
8302379 765864 Is he listening? Most likely
8302378 765864 Has he read my messages again today? Most likely
8302377 765864 Will he tell me the truth? Ask again later
8302376 765864 Will he come straight after work? Outlook good
8302375 765864 Will he come round tonight? It is certain
8302374 765864 Is he avoiding me? Yes - definitely
8302373 765864 Should I end it? Without a doubt
8302372 765864 Will he overcome this? Count on it
8302371 765864 Will he be honest with me? It is decidedly so
8302370 765864 Is he mad at me? Most likely
8302369 765864 Did he drink more? Count on it
8302368 765864 Was he lying to me last night? It is decidedly so
8302367 854099 Will I meet with ncl As I see it, yes
8302366 854099 Will I meet with Via Without a doubt
8302365 566584 Will I pass my test today ? Signs point to yes
8302364 566584 Will I pass my test today ? Reply hazy, try again
8302363 9330 will i start getting payments again soon? Very doubtful
8302362 9330 will kenny go to jail for not paying child support? Not in a million years
8302361 9330 did child support find Kenny? Very doubtful
8302360 9330 did child support locate Kenny? Concentrate and ask again
8302359 9330 will i hear from child support today? My reply is no
8302358 9330 will i get good news from child support today? Ask again later