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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8348448 990091 Will $2k do the deal Outlook not so good
8348447 990091 Will they take under $5k Yes - definitely
8348446 990091 Will they take close to $5k My reply is no
8348445 27654 Ask ktkttafdysoff It is decidedly so
8348444 27654 Refund shipping to Steven It is decidedly so
8348443 27654 Should we refund shipping Better not tell you now
8348442 27654 Refund free shipping Concentrate and ask again
8348441 27654 Refund free shipping Reply hazy, try again
8348440 965445 Lyle didn't work tired Brandon close, Brandon picking her It is decidedly so
8348439 965445 Lyle didn't work tired Brandon close Yes
8348438 809815 Will God finally surprise and bless me to be the sole winner of the entire Powerball Jackpot tonight or not? Count on it
8348437 809815 Will God surprise and bless me to be the sole winner of the entire Powerball Jackpot tonight? Count on it
8348436 32055 Does he say I know she does not want to just get freaky Cannot predict now
8348435 32055 Does he know if I want to mess around I could Very doubtful
8348433 32055 Will he be faithful in tennessee Most likely
8348432 32055 Does he know I can not take anymore My sources say no
8348431 32055 Does he know he has hurt me enough in life Yes
8348430 32055 Will my life be great real soon Outlook not so good
8348429 32055 Is it because no man can talk my draws off Outlook good
8348428 32055 Is it because self control Better not tell you now
8348427 32055 Does he think I think I am better than him Yes - definitely
8348426 243174 Does Eddie know he messed up big time? Signs point to yes
8348425 786866 Will my hubby forgive me Without a doubt
8348424 171651 Do i q t g i i d t m c a t l o t i w t c i? It is decidedly so
8348423 171651 Will s s d I p m s d t t s a t I d q f? It is decidedly so
8348422 171651 Will m b e s q m t g t s a w y g p f? Reply hazy, try again
8348421 171651 Will I q t g p q b o a l o o m c? Not in a million years
8348420 171651 Will I g a l s h d a m f s s d I v s? Most likely
8348419 171651 Am I c s m m u b o p r a m p w r t t s s a d o o m? Outlook good
8348418 171651 Will I g a f m m p b o t p r ? Without a doubt
8348417 171651 Does t p t I a m u e m t b a f d n? Not in a million years
8348416 369248 Is she noisy As I see it, yes
8348415 369248 Is she loud Ask again later
8348414 171651 Will I g m o y o b p t a w? It is certain
8348413 171651 Will I f g t t d t o m t f t p ? Without a doubt
8348412 171651 Are w a t b e h t? My sources say no
8348411 171651 Will I g a l f as d I b t e o t m ? Without a doubt
8348410 171651 Will I g a l o t e d a l d a? Not in a million years
8348409 171651 I m a t r a w b g a a l o a a p c v v s n? It is certain
8348408 171651 Do I q a o r n a w I b a v s? My reply is no
8348407 171651 I do q a I w b a v s n? Cannot predict now
8348406 618300 Does lb pw have af name in it Signs point to yes
8348405 618300 is J seeing another girl Outlook good
8348404 171651 Will m m b o k a f a t s g a n l I o a? It is certain
8348403 361729 Will i become immortal and kill everyone Concentrate and ask again
8348402 901969 Will we become a relationship Signs point to yes
8348401 901969 Will it become a relationship My reply is no
8348400 901969 Should I message him Yes
8348399 901969 Do I message him Outlook good
8348398 781758 Beto going to drive by tomorrow morning looking for me Yes