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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8456056 99928 aşağılık aryan ırkı sizi :D iran ve türkiyeyi s***k için size ihtiyacım var aramızdaki ilişki bundan ibaret bundan sonra amk :D Outlook good
8456054 717260 Will Hakim and I be together? It is certain
8456053 92844 Does creed know I have never said anything about her My sources say no
8456052 92844 Will I stop feeling in diffetent NO!
8456051 92844 Will she see I do not speak to any of those people Without a doubt
8456050 92844 Is the talk true My sources say no
8456049 92844 Is it because of others Most likely
8456048 92844 Is it because of k Not in a million years
8456047 92844 Is it because of gossip Very doubtful
8456046 92844 Does she really believe that Yes
8456045 92844 Does fareed think I am mesdy Yes
8456044 323147 When Kareem comes to the living room will he bring anything up about the routine Not in a million years
8456043 323147 When Kareem comes to the living room will he bring anything up about the routine It is decidedly so
8456042 92844 Will reed get out next year Most likely
8456041 92844 Will n reed be out of prison next year Concentrate and ask again
8456040 323147 Does Kareem wants to break up with me Very doubtful
8456039 323147 Will Kareem come to my house tomorrow As I see it, yes
8456038 323147 Will Kareem not come tomorrow Outlook not so good
8456037 323147 Does Kareem wants to have his space It is decidedly so
8456036 323147 Does Kareem wants to change our routine Signs point to yes
8456035 819192 you have to type t i n y u r l ... daht... cahm... forward slash.. then the code wr4e98g It is certain
8456034 819192 here's mai the waitress with the predator helmet on wr4e98g Signs point to yes
8456033 92844 Will dawn e get the major position Without a doubt
8456032 819192 here's a dirty photo of mai 223620119580 It is certain
8456031 819192 this watch looks like mai 143410039670 Not in a million years
8456030 92844 Will I find some money to pay for csrpet It is decidedly so
8456029 819192 continuing: here's one of mai's watches... on ebay 124018690042 My reply is no
8456028 92844 Will he leave me alone It is certain
8456027 92844 Does he know that was alot NO!
8456026 92844 Does he know he did not give me a dime to pay for vehicle Most likely
8456025 92844 Is he a jerk As I see it, yes
8456024 819192 we'll find you things that remind a person of mai My sources say no
8456023 819192 don't laugh at mai. she's just acting. she's really a 35 year old police officer from shanghai Most likely
8456022 784223 Will I get any of the bonus? Most likely
8456021 819192 just atraaah Yes
8456020 784223 Will I pass the cert? It is decidedly so
8456019 819192 in the meantime we can look for mountain lions using the bebop drone or maybe a larger drone Ask again later
8456018 784223 Is today monday? Most likely
8456017 784223 same question Outlook not so good
8456016 784223 Will I get part of the bonus? Reply hazy, try again
8456015 784223 Will I get any of the bonus? Concentrate and ask again
8456014 784223 Will I get a bonus? My sources say no
8456013 819192 my dream is to visit the chornobyl exclusion zone with mai Ask again later
8456012 819192 all without becoming fat people or social rejects Signs point to yes
8456011 819192 we're going to explore a local level of hell and return Most likely
8456010 784223 Will I pass my certification? It is decidedly so
8456009 819192 mai is my sidekick It is decidedly so
8456008 819192 exploring the paranormal It is certain
8456007 477501 Will we dominate in digital cinema? Yes
8456006 819192 anyway, back to my second favorite activity after straight pimpin Reply hazy, try again