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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8777143 983619 will I get my interview done on Tuesday? It is certain
8777142 235931 Will she b me out Count on it
8777141 680807 Will Chris and I get away for a weekend together? Yes - definitely
8777140 680807 Will I ever see Clint again? My reply is no
8777139 166205 will I want to Ask again later
8777137 166205 will it work this time Not in a million years
8777136 166205 will rob come back wanting to date Signs point to yes
8777134 166205 will I fly to Michigan It is decidedly so
8777133 166205 will I look good to him As I see it, yes
8777132 166205 will we meet in the next 6 months As I see it, yes
8777131 166205 will he meet with me this year Ask again later
8777130 166205 would he date me Outlook good
8777129 166205 is randy looking for money NO!
8777128 166205 will I do good at that NO!
8777127 166205 will I go on line It is decidedly so
8777126 166205 will he stay Reply hazy, try again
8777125 166205 will he want to date again Outlook good
8777124 166205 will rob come back Most likely
8777123 166205 will randy Reply hazy, try again
8777122 166205 will a guy want to date me Yes
8777121 166205 will I look really good Without a doubt
8777120 166205 will I get down to 150 this year It is certain
8777119 166205 will I meet a guy at dances My sources say no
8777118 166205 even if I lose my weight Yes - definitely
8777117 166205 will I date next year Not in a million years
8777116 34483 young hot me. Signs point to yes
8777115 34483 55 and plus year It is certain
8777114 34483 500 cash back. 22 thousand dollars. lost. Yes - definitely
8777113 34483 Toyota cash back. Value trust Yes - definitely
8777112 331364 Did he forget about me Very doubtful
8777111 34483 take punches. no excuses. power on. :D power train, Concentrate and ask again
8777110 34483 got move. say bye. love end. Better not tell you now
8777109 34483 Covid 19. pandemic. It is decidedly so
8777108 34483 serve. Air national Guaridan NO!
8777107 34483 whale tale. big butt Outlook not so good
8777106 34483 dad day. 88, hot hot dry. clouds. heat wave. drought. no rain. humid. sweat Not in a million years
8777105 34483 Muggy meter. up. 67. chilly. humid Yes
8777104 34483 tropical cyclone #3. happy twirl. swirl twirl Yes - definitely
8777103 34483 shower pop. early. hot day. pop up showers. sky rush My reply is no
8777102 34483 Tropic of Cancer. Hot summer. Dry. muddy. Signs point to yes
8777101 34483 Tom russell. Uncle Tom the clue is on you My reply is no
8777100 34483 nick. happy st. nick NO!
8777099 34483 junx. smile. happy junx Yes - definitely
8777098 34483 interconnect. juxtaposing My sources say no
8777097 34483 orchestra. joy. sing. phantom Yes
8777096 34483 springs. boiling. smile. or weep Without a doubt
8777095 34483 joy joy and happy smile. My sources say no
8777094 34483 time to hug. not do drug As I see it, yes
8777093 34483 lol...he loves me. adores me Count on it
8777092 34483 yes he loves 1/2/1 2 Outlook not so good