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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8283062 167026 Does Clinton want me to leave him alone My sources say no
8283061 153064 Boob? Never thought I'd say this simply are ...the best Mexican Jew ever ...shalom ...boob It is certain
8283060 153064 Ok so you are metamorphosis into.a Mexican Jew ...that drinks hot drinks? Signs point to yes
8283059 153064 Is it because you are becoming a Mexican ?...or Jew?White people drink...iced drinks's a white man thing Not in a million years
8283058 153064 It's ok are allowed to drink hot keeerap Signs point to yes
8283057 153064 Boob? .why are you only drinking HOT drinks! prepare yourself ...for hell? Ask again later
8283056 153064 Better not smoke ...or you be ...cut off ...permanent ly Signs point to yes
8283055 153064 Boob?...are you smoking ? Very doubtful
8283054 153064 To boob are a pain Count on it
8283053 153064 o m are psycho. As I see it, yes
8283052 153064 What ...want? Without a doubt
8283051 153064 What ...want? Reply hazy, try again
8283050 147928 Will I get married As I see it, yes
8283049 46283 auruh... place my face between your phat b u t t c h e e k s Outlook not so good
8283048 46283 and I'm just gonna do the old man emu rear nitrocharger shocks from here on out Yes - definitely
8283047 46283 auruh... did you buy the MFPA usa 2019 calendar yet, spiral bound My sources say no
8283046 46283 I'm gonna do the allpro... they look like skater dude control arms My reply is no
8283045 46283 but I have to buy new upper control arms ... Outlook good
8283044 46283 auruh... I found the interim shocks struts coilovers until I buy the BP-51 Ask again later
8283043 423174 Should all middle-aged lovers have the dirty business together? My reply is no
8283042 46283 she knows I like her a s s Most likely
8283041 46283 I'm obsessed with her b u t t h o l e Concentrate and ask again
8283040 46283 I'm very worried about her Yes
8283039 46283 I made her with my rapid city aly creatures Most likely
8283038 46283 I'll check her a s s for a pink smart phone tomorrow or wednesday Most likely
8283037 46283 I put a new nano verizon sim in it for her NO!
8283036 612947 Will I g a n r d t y f v s f b? Without a doubt
8283035 46283 I'm giving her my iPhone 6 Concentrate and ask again
8283034 46283 my pinoy girlfriend is going to be laying on my memory foam bed while I bury my face in her a s s My sources say no
8283033 46283 I don't understand why they cater to the mexicans in there Not in a million years
8283032 612947 Are t l a t f r t t ? Outlook good
8283031 612947 Does h a d h t p a w o t s m w h I t? NO!
8283030 46283 that fat mexican is for your boy Ask again later
8283029 46283 the egg drop soup is a necessity... with those porkrhinds It is certain
8283028 612947 Does h t h I p t g m m t t f v d ? Outlook not so good
8283027 46283 I'm big into soda ... but this year I've had to start drinking hot beverages Signs point to yes
8283026 46283 and just cheeeill with the soul soup Ask again later
8283025 612947 if w h t m t t c o h w b l m g a d r n? Outlook good
8283024 46283 I'm always ordering something new ... from ebay... I like to track it As I see it, yes
8283023 46283 stop saying fyuhk Very doubtful
8283022 612947 Did m c t m h c h m a t m a d f c d t y? My sources say no
8283021 46283 you gotta have uh fyat beeyitch phone to do this right Count on it
8283020 46283 I just unwind... it's good for my soul health and well being NO!
8283019 612947 Will I h t p I a o v s? Cannot predict now
8283018 46283 I grab a bowl of the egg drop soup and the porkrhinds Count on it
8283017 612947 Will I g t p t l o c w t n t d? Very doubtful
8283016 46283 it gets me in the mood for eating food Yes - definitely
8283015 46283 it starts with my Filipino girlfriend showing me her b u t t Not in a million years
8283014 612947 Will w e a f m t? As I see it, yes
8283013 46283 it usually lasts an hour ... I'm there for the food, the babes and the excitement and entertainment Yes - definitely