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"" - the Magic Ball
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the Magic

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8392254 994073 Should I jerk off Not in a million years
8392253 931951 Do people hate me? Most likely
8392252 931951 Am I stupid? It is certain
8392251 931951 Will I get a girlfriend Better not tell you now
8392250 957340 Lucy, you should be sitting on my face It is decidedly so
8392249 764059 Will Kareem text back Outlook not so good
8392248 723926 Roberto thinking about me Count on it
8392247 723926 Roberto thinking about me Most likely
8392245 261297 Is Kalena feeling regretful about her words to me? Without a doubt
8392244 111032 should I send Grayson money? Not in a million years
8392243 261297 Is Kalena feeling guilty? Not in a million years
8392242 111032 should I send Grayson money? Ask again later
8392241 261297 Is Kalena missing me? Not in a million years
8392240 261297 Is Kalena sad about me? It is certain
8392239 261297 Is Kalena mad at me? NO!
8392238 261297 Is Kalena mad at me Very doubtful
8392237 723926 Roberto mad at me My reply is no
8392236 449656 Mom and dad help me with Olga that she makes love to me tomorrow Outlook good
8392235 449656 Are you right on your perdition NO!
8392234 449656 Will Olga and love to me tomorrow? Outlook not so good
8392233 449656 Will Olga make love to me again Outlook good
8392232 449656 If I Olga tomorrow will we make love Very doubtful
8392231 1047850 Hakim m'aime-t-il? Yes
8392230 1047850 Hakim mi ama? Very doubtful
8392229 1047850 Does Hakim love me? Concentrate and ask again
8392228 329577 Is he a good guy ? Cannot predict now
8392227 329577 Is he a good guy ? Yes
8392226 329577 Is he bad? It is certain
8392225 329577 He's a bad man? Count on it
8392224 329577 He's a good man My sources say no
8392223 329577 I sure hope so Outlook not so good
8392222 329577 I sure hope so As I see it, yes
8392221 329577 Ok I guess we will see Reply hazy, try again
8392220 329577 Will they hire him? Count on it
8392219 329577 Will they hire him? Outlook good
8392218 882728 Is ray thinking about me right now It is certain
8392217 882728 Will Tamara and ray meet again It is decidedly so
8392216 329577 Will this the out pk Count on it
8392215 329577 Will this the out pk Most likely
8392214 882728 Does ray love Tamara Yes
8392211 882728 Is ray thinking about me Concentrate and ask again
8392210 882728 Has ray thought about and missed me today Outlook not so good
8392209 882728 Does ray have Tamara on his mind often Concentrate and ask again
8392208 882728 Does ray think about Tamara often My reply is no
8392207 882728 Does ray miss me My sources say no
8392206 957340 they gotta sit on your face and you gotta record it to video and show me Yes
8392205 957340 no hot chicks yet Most likely
8392203 261297 Did Kalena read my latest Facebook post, today? Without a doubt
8392201 686936 God is Lance cheating me on erufgr now Yes - definitely
8392198 723926 Dasi thinking about what she did wrong Very doubtful