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does alex love me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
531281 4321 does alex love me It is decidedly so
526343 18180 Is Emma's butt dildo big and black? It is decidedly so
523335 9810 is Jonathon Zadrzynski a homo? Yes - definitely
513422 18211 does tj love me? Yes
507025 19674 i heard joe jonas loved ashton costello is it true Yes
501087 9727 Has luther gibiliru got a girlfriend? Signs point to yes
499477 14884 does courtney hate me Concentrate and ask again
495721 26438 my name is rebecca suzman Count on it
493843 532 who am i destined to be with Without a doubt
489225 33423 is casi glunt ever going to get a boyfriend Concentrate and ask again
457952 16299 am i a decoy for terrance? My reply is no
454483 17423 Am i a casanova My reply is no
454055 26935 lucky number sleven? Outlook not so good
451885 2123 is hannah accorsi retarded It is decidedly so
450480 6207 Is Walter Enoch Elieson mad at me? Cannot predict now
440338 13713 Does Megan love me? It is certain
438962 28635 is nat wolff's phone number 13102177638 It is decidedly so
424588 3362 is julie wright pregnant? It is certain
391094 27983 Viviana Baloyes Gordon would you like being penetrated by me? Cannot predict now
370531 19807 Will Brittney Kotteles and Jess Moran get married and have babies? It is decidedly so
364751 2404 is 3424014978 robbie amell's cell phone number? It is certain
364038 3571 what does outlook not so good mean Cannot predict now
357473 10771 Does Alyssa love me? Yes - definitely
350925 27553 da li cu poloziti ispit Most likely
348565 25977 Does Jim love me? As I see it, yes
348262 239 does the smell from my upper lip turns me on Yes - definitely
337922 8538 Does Kevin love me? Ask again later
299924 4302 does jose like me Count on it
290006 560 Will B. and I eventually get married? Not in a million years
288117 22838 Will my wife Rebecca give me steady sloppy seconds? Not in a million years
287211 17837 What does its decidedly so mean? Very doubtful
286780 15189 is jerry seinfeld a creepy pervert? Cannot predict now
286763 15189 is craig ferguson a creepy pervert? Without a doubt
286755 15189 did william shatner sell his soul to the devil? Count on it
286754 15189 is james spader a really creepy pervert? It is certain
214534 16066 a black ball Outlook not so good
186265 4517 Will R. ever love me as much as I love her? Very doubtful