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the Magic

Lucy is a small angel like a cherub

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8320939 437937 Lucy is a small angel like a cherub As I see it, yes
8320938 437937 I have my Lucy Without a doubt
8320937 437937 will my AJ MILF waitress return to me before August 2019 Outlook good
8320936 786866 Will my staff have an opinion Yes - definitely
8320935 786866 Will I look really sexy this summer Yes - definitely
8320934 786866 Will she stay on it Not in a million years
8320933 786866 Will she try weight watchers Yes
8320932 786866 Will cee lose some weight by july Not in a million years
8320931 786866 Will I lose 50 pounds before July It is certain
8320930 757187 Is hbttcmtegnr It is certain
8320929 786866 Will weight watchers help me lose weight It is certain
8320928 757187 Is hbttcstmegn Cannot predict now
8320927 398805 Will Sharon, Ross, and Mary be fired by this time next week? Yes
8320926 786866 Will I always eat good for the rest of my life Without a doubt
8320925 786866 Is my husband arrogant as hell Ask again later
8320924 341134 See him in the after Outlook not so good
8320923 341134 I believe the answers as much as a bowl full of febreze Count on it
8320922 757187 Should I say yes when hbtppstmwar Signs point to yes
8320921 757187 Say yes when hbtpptm Cannot predict now
8320920 786866 Does she know my history speaks volumes Signs point to yes
8320919 757187 Eat eggs Without a doubt
8320918 786866 Is Turner jealous because I am so popular Yes - definitely
8320917 786866 Does my boss know this is coming it is written in stone It is certain
8320916 786866 Will I make deputy warden Yes
8320915 786866 Is central office pushing for me to make deputy warden Yes - definitely
8320914 786866 Wil central office say she needs more money My reply is no
8320913 786866 Will Mrs John be forced to offer me more money Better not tell you now
8320912 786866 Will Mrs John offer me more money soon My reply is no
8320911 144808 Will Millie come back to me? Yes - definitely
8320910 786866 Will she offer more money because she know I deserve it Reply hazy, try again
8320909 786866 Will Mrs John offer me more money because I did not cause any problems My reply is no
8320908 786866 Will this offer come very soon Count on it
8320907 786866 Will iwp offer me more money Outlook good
8320906 786866 Will he finally realize it is not on his time but god’s time My sources say no
8320905 786866 Will god bless me abundantly this year 2019 Signs point to yes
8320904 786866 Will he stop trying to control me? Most likely
8320903 786866 Does my husband realize he can not control what I do? Concentrate and ask again
8320902 347807 so there's no problem with me and my business... but there's a problem with people in the external world As I see it, yes
8320901 261297 Does Jala want to be my partner? Count on it
8320900 261297 Does Jala want to be my wife? Very doubtful
8320899 261297 Does Jala want to be my wife? Concentrate and ask again
8320898 261297 Does Jala want to be my only love? Yes - definitely
8320897 261297 Does Jala want to be my love? It is decidedly so
8320896 261297 Does Jala want to be mine? Without a doubt
8320895 261297 Does Jala want to possess me? Signs point to yes
8320894 261297 Does Jala want to love me? Most likely
8320893 261297 Is Jala happy because she thinks she has my love? It is certain
8320892 757272 Art missing me when he went on vacation Not in a million years
8320891 261297 Is Jala worried she is making a mistake avoiding me? Yes
8320890 261297 Is Jala worried I am too good for her? Outlook not so good